George Clooney Cuts His Hair Using a Flowbee in Only 2 Minutes

George Clooney
George Clooney Cuts His Hair Using a Flowbee in Only 2 Minutes

George Clooney has always seemed like one of the A-list actors that are kind of low on maintenance. He is the patron saint of a certain Hollywood cool-guy swagger that greatly depends on a uniform. He is never one of the people to show up on the red carpet in some crazy outfit or over-the-top hair color. This is if we don’t count the epic beard he was sporting for the last few years.

George Clooney and His Flowbee

George Clooney Using His Flowbee
George Clooney Cuts His Hair Using a Flowbee in Only 2 Minutes

If there are people that have ever wondered how George Clooney always looks so good, today we can reveal the secret. In an interview with CBS This Morning, the actor surprised his fans with his grooming secret. He is rich, famous, and Oscar-winning and people think that he is hiding something big. Truth is, he cuts his hair using the ‘80s infomercial staple Flowbee. It’s a fitting bombshell for 2020, in which many people became DIY hair cutters. Who knew Clooney was an early adopter of this method of haircutting?

For the uninitiated, the Flowbee sounds like something that can be shown on an SNL sketch, but it’s 100% real. It’s the kind of shop-vac-meets-clipper, in which the hair is sucked into a tube and cut at the desired length. It sounds really simple, and it is, according to Clooney. He claims that his haircuts take two minutes.

A Non-Traditional Method

George Clooney says he has been cutting his hair with the Flowbee for the last 25 years, and he states that proper suction is the key to getting great-looking haircuts with no cleanup. It’s a secret that most barbers will surely not reveal, but apparently, George Clooney will. Because of this, Google searches for Flowbee skyrocketed, and the official Flowbee website crashed. They are conspicuously out of stock with no indication whether they are still actually in production. Perhaps they are just sold out because of the current world situation.

As many of us learned this year, cutting hair at home is more way more complicated than powering on the clippers (or in the vacuum, in this case). It takes skill, and it’s highly advisable to take some advice from a professional before any attempts on the Clooney-level Flowbro cut.