King Charles Has Finally Decided to Join in on the ‘Sausage Fingers’ Joke

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If you thought King Charles was offended by the world roasting his ‘sausage fingers’ at the coronation, think again. Not only was the royal too busy becoming king to worry about some lighthearted ribbing but he’s actually joined in on the joke.

The Documentary

The BBC recently released a documentary called Charles III: The Coronation Year which covers the preparations that went into the big day.

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In the film, we see William helping Charles prepare to become king. As the Prince placed a robe over his father’s shoulders, the now-king got the last laugh.

The Joke

William fastened the clasp on his father’s robe and jokingly said, “On the day, that’s not going to go in.” Without missing a beat, Charles replied, “No, you haven’t got sausage fingers like mine.” Well, there you have it, the royals can take a joke! Just don’t tell Harry or Meghan.

TikToker Shares the Moments of Teaching Her Child to Correct Her Own Mistake

Parenting is quite a challenge, especially while teaching your child a lesson. But when your kid is at a young, tender age, correcting their mistakes needs a gentle but effective approach rather than heavy handling. A mom shared her experience in a TikTok video about how she taught an important life lesson to her five-year-old daughter.

The Video

The mother took to TikTok to share the moment she made her five-year-old daughter take responsibility for her own mistake. The video, shared from the handle @elissa.j.l, has gone viral ever since with over two million views. The little girl Quinn, now six, has definitely become the shining star sharing her experience of having a lesson on personal accountability.

The Incident

It’s not uncommon for most five-year-olds to have little understanding of the value of any property. So, when little Quinn drew all over a library book with a pen, it wasn’t anything atypical for a kid of her age. But that didn’t make her mom let the matter go, instead, she coached her daughter gently into doing the right thing. The heartwarming video detailed all the steps Quinn took to apologize to the librarian for her action and give her a new book that her mother had bought. That little girl surely got the lesson that day that correcting a mistake is necessary even when it looks scary.

The Lesson

Like any other child, Quinn initially resisted due to the nervousness to face the librarian after her mistake. But as mentioned in the video caption, her mom felt that there’s no time like the present to teach a child to take responsibility for their own actions. She explained that they had been practicing the apology and then gently encouraged her daughter to admit and apologize for her mistake. The librarian also made a kind-hearted choice to let Quinn have the book she had drawn on in exchange for the replacement.