Fans Rip Into New Netflix Movie With Big-Name Cast and Say It’s ‘One of the Worst Christmas Films Ever’

Credit: Tudum by Netflix

Netflix’s holiday release Best. Christmas. Ever! had everything going for it—it’s right on time for the holiday season, Christmas is in the title, and the cast is pretty stellar. But even with all that, the movie got some really bad reviews. Despite being Netflix’s top-watched movie in the US, the Brandy Norwood movie failed to raise the holiday cheer with many awful scores and reviews.

The Plot

In this Christmas comedy on Netflix, we see two old frenemies, Jackie (played by Brandy) and Charlotte (Heather Graham), unexpectedly reunited during the holidays. Jackie always sends these braggy Christmas newsletters that make Charlotte feel not so great about herself.

But when Charlotte ends up at Jackie’s snowy doorstep just before Christmas, she’s determined to prove that Jackie’s life isn’t as perfect as she makes it seem. The twist? Charlotte finds out that Jackie’s life actually is pretty flawless, contrary to her braggy newsletters. Now, she’s stuck spending the holidays with Jackie, her husband Rob (played by Jason Biggs), and their kids, Dora and Grant, trying to figure out if Jackie’s life is as perfect as it seems.

Audience and Critic Reactions

On Twitter, one user slammed it as the “worst movie of all time,” while another shared an Adele GIF, struggling to grasp the plot. Viewers bashed the movie, labeling it “horrible,” “awful,” and a “waste of time.” Comments flooded in, expressing disappointment.

Photo credit: Tudum by Netflix

Yet, in a heartwarming twist, some defended the film. One praised the director, Mary Lambert, and the cast, especially Brandy, saying it was a great film. Another viewer urged adding it to the Christmas movie list, enjoying the experience despite the critiques. Sure, it might not snag an Oscar for ‘Best Original Screenplay,’ but perhaps there’s room for a bit of cheesy holiday festivity.

5 Great Ways a Dad-To-Be Can Bond With His Child-To-Be

It’s never too late to cuddle up with your baby, even if they are still tucked in your partner’s baby bump. Here are a few great ideas for any would-be-dads to develop an early bond with their children.

Getting Informed and Active

A well-informed would-be-dad can make a great father ahead. According to professionals, the dad should attend all prenatal doctor visits and classes as much as he can. Knowing what to expect brings up a wide range of positive mindsets and possibilities even before the baby arrives. Just showing up and getting involved counts a lot, tightening the emotional bond between the couple and their soon-to-be-born baby.

Preparing Your Own Toy Story

According to professionals, while a would-be-mom pictures an infant when thinking about her baby during pregnancy, a would-be-dad usually sees the yet-to-be-born child as his new playmate and thinks about all the upcoming adventures they will have together. Buying something related to those dream activities is a great tangible way to cement the growing bond. So, pick up a pint-sized fishing pole, a toy car set, or anything you fancy for your child.

Taking the Child on a Virtual Road Trip

Introducing your friends and families to your yet-to-be-born child is fun and effective. Some of your relatives may live far away, but that doesn’t mean your baby can’t hear them or bond with them. Introduce the developing fetus to the voice of your favorite cousin from Oklahoma, or your granddad staying in California.

Reading to the Bump

It’s never too early to influence the literary taste of your upcoming baby. Through this, you’ll be able to guide your child in the good and right direction even before birth. Choose the books both you and your partner love, have grown up with, or want your child to know about. It’s a great way to bond with your coming child. Amazingly, parents have indeed found their kids picking the books they heard before being born.

Singing a Duet

The family that sings together stays together! So, why not sing together to the baby tucked safely in the tummy of would-be-mummy? According to childbirth specialists, babies can hear the outside world’s sounds at 16 weeks gestation. They can also recognize the voices of their parents from the moment of birth. So, good music in the most two important voices for the baby reaches deep into the womb’s amniotic atmosphere, developing an early familiar bond.