Dad and Daughter Put On Matching Tutu’s and People Can’t Get Enough

Among the activities that are fun for both dads and daughters, taking photos is probably the best. In the end, you get cute photos for years to come. Perhaps that’s exactly why Casey Fields decided to dress himself up in a pink tutu matching his 1-year-old daughter’s and pose for some lovely photos. It comes as no surprise that the photo session quickly went viral.

The pink tutus that undoubtedly suit both of them very well, were hand-made by the girl’s mom. According to the photographer, the photo shoot was just as cute to shoot as it looks on the photos. Naturally gifted as a dad, Casey went along with wearing the tutu regardless of minor nervousness in the beginning. Little did he know that the pics would reach the whole nation and put a smile on so many faces.

Jess Floyd, the one who captured the heart-melting dad-daughter moments, partnered with Casey and Lyla for the photoshoot and after posting the photos online, they got rapidly discovered and shared over 50,000 times. In the post, she praised Casey for going out of his comfort zone and showing his “most manly side.” She wasn’t the only one who thought so.

People Loved the Photo Shoot

Once out in the open digital space, the photoshoot went viral. People left loving, positive comments about the dad bravely rocking his tutu and the sweet little girl who got her nails painted. One person even said that the world would be a better place if we all dressed up in pink tutus sometimes. The support and love were shown by thousands of people.

The dad, who described himself as a “manly man” was alright with being in front of the camera in this outfit because he thought it will be a great opportunity to have a few laughs with his daughter in the future. In an interview, Casey affirmed he’d do anything for his daughter but that’s something we could already tell, right?