A Dad Explains Why He Won’t Take His Daughters Into Men’s Bathrooms

Available books on fatherhood haven’t prepared this dad for the real and untold issue of taking daughters into public restrooms. With parenthood often told from the mother’s point of view, this father from California, Muhammed Nitoto shared a post to address the restroom issue on his social media page titled “Chronicles of Daddy”. The post quickly went viral.

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A Dad Explains Why He Won’t Take His Daughters Into Men’s Bathrooms

Why Men’s Restrooms Aren’t a Good Choice

Should it be okay for fathers of young girls to use women’s bathrooms when looking out for their young daughters? The opinion is divided. Nitoto decided to share his experience of being out on his own with his young daughter and having to change her in an establishment that didn’t offer family restrooms. As many men would, he took her to the men’s room and immediately saw the restroom from a different perspective. This dad believes that men’s restrooms don’t have the same standards of hygiene nor are they as well-equipped for child care as women’s restrooms are. Determined not to continue exposing his daughters to this type of environment, he opted to start using women’s restrooms instead with as much courtesy as he possibly could, making sure he wasn’t making anyone uncomfortable.

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A Dad Explains Why He Won’t Take His Daughters Into Men’s Bathrooms

The Response This Dad Received

The majority of the support Nitoto received for his decision to use women’s public restrooms when changing or helping his daughters came from mothers who read his post. It seems that parents in general understand the difficulty of Nitoto’s decision and having to do what’s best for the child. He spoke to Good Morning America saying that his post was meant to spark a conversation that could help other active fathers out there and show support for those who have been in the same situation. However, not everyone agrees, as Dr. Alice Dormar wrote that using the women’s bathroom should be a “last-resort choice” for fathers. The fact remains that, until family bathrooms or unisex bathrooms become the norm, many parents out there will still have to face the same issue.