Tips for Traveling Safely With Kids This Summer

Warm weather tempts us to stay in the room for the day or to hit the road for a refreshing beach. But, as the temperature soars across the country, families with kids should take extra precautions while traveling. Here are the top tips to follow while traveling with kids in the summer season.

Giving Full Attention

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to give your kids undivided attention while traveling. At the peak of the season, the temperature can rise by 10oC within half an hour. And children are especially vulnerable to heat-related health hazards. So, it’s extremely dangerous to leave your kid unattended in the car, even for a brief stop.

Keeping it Cool

This is a step to follow before starting the journey. It’s always better to plan to keep your car cool on a hot day. If you have to park the car somewhere under the sun, drape a light-colored blanket over the car seats. This will prevent the seats from heating up in the soaring temperature and guarantee a comfortable and pleasant ride while traveling. Using breathable fabric like the mesh on your car seat helps considerably. You can also opt for a liner on your car seat to promote easy airflow.

Baby-Proofing the Car

It’s an essential step before hitting the road with your kids. Keeping your car cool on a summer day needs a few extra gears. Always choose a baby car seat with high SPF and a low-reaching sun canopy. Click-on sun canopies are also great for toddler seats to protect the little ones from sun exposure. Also, it’s better to cover the side windows with sunshades to keep the strong glare of the sun at bay while traveling.

Keeping the Kids Healthy

Put your kids in lightweight clothing for traveling. Keep enough water and drinks for the road. If there is more than one child with you, make sure each of them has a personal bottle of drink for the journey. Keep checking on your kids regularly and don’t forget to take them out of the car once in a while. It’s better to do that as often as you can. In the case of babies, be extra cautious, as a baby should be in a car seat for not more than two hours at a stretch. Also, before putting the child in the car, always double-check the straps and buckles, as these can heat up pretty quickly. Lastly, point the rear window conditioning vents towards your kid.