5 Grooming Products That Can Help Maintain a Lengthy Beard

Man styling his beard

Growing the beard that you’ve always wanted to have can seem like a dream come true. What many men fail to realize is that growing the beard can be the easy part, whereas maintaining it can be tricky. In order to have a good-looking beard, you have to brush, wash, style, care for, and maintain it. Here are some grooming products that can help.

Beard Oil

Beard oil
Using oil on your beard can help with natural hydration. It is designed to balance out the natural oils in your beard as well as on your skin underneath. Using natural beard oils can help prevent split ends and enhance the nourishing and hydrating aspects of the oil.

Beard Balm or Conditioner

Beard balm
Beard balm is also known as butter, cream, or wax. It can help with conditioning and styling. This is heavier than oil, and it can provide a long-lasting conditioning effect. This balm should be applied twice a day for optimum results, and applying it after a shower is always best. Using this can also help keep your beard smooth, shiny, and tangle-free, especially if it’s longer.

Beard Brush

Beard brush
A brush without plastic bristles is key since the plastic can snag your beard and even pull some hair out. Brushing your beard can help train your hair in order to grow in the direction that you desire. It can also benefit your skin and hair. If you brush your beard often, you can sweep away any dust or grime that’s caught in the hair, and you can evenly distribute the oil.

Beard Wash

Beard wash
Beards typically don’t have to be washed every day, or else they can dry out. They should typically be washed 2-3 times a week, but it depends on how active you are. A specifically designed beard wash is necessary in order to avoid drying out your hair and potentially damaging it. It’s also important to use a beard wash that is safe to use on your skin since washing the skin underneath is also crucial.

Styling Balm

Styling balm for beards

Your head hair should be styled in order to have a well-polished look. With styling balm, you can achieve the look you are going for and ensure that it holds up. Most styling balms give your beard volume without weighing it down like regular styling products can do. The styling balm can also be used to style your mustache as well.