The New Apple Ultra Has Everything in Store for the Ultimate Action Watch Lovers

The new Ultra from Apple is a smart call to all watch aficionados. Launched this fall, the new watch is designed to appeal to real wristwatch fans, particularly with its conventional characteristics. The Apple-style twist is that the new Ultra is totally digital! So, as the best attribute, it can do things that no classic tool watch can.

The Design

The new Apple Ultra is beautifully and smartly crafted with a larger crown and case size, and activity-specific bands. You’ll find elastomer bands for diving and woven textile bands for climbing. The fortress-like construction with a titanium case protects the glass and crown. The radical redesign of the watch is alluring enough to woo Rolex fans, and the software present makes it more special.

The Inspiration

According to Alan Dye, the vice president of human interface design at Apple, the new watch is inspired by historic purpose-built adventure watches while wanting to explore the possibilities all at once. That’s why this new watch doesn’t confine itself to a single-use case. Rather, the users can configure it as per their different experience needs. So, one Apple Ultra can be the ultimate tactical action watch for many occasions, with multifunctional interfaces for hiking, orienteering, running, diving, etc.

The Features

The smart-watch features of the new Apple Ultra also contribute to making it a class apart. For instance, the world-time dial has maps of Africa and Europe. It also adopts a visual language, first pioneered by Patek Philippe with Heures Universelles watches. This intricate face design is widely familiar in modern luxury watches, but with Apple Ultra, available at a fraction of the general market cost. Also, the 49-mm screen of Ultra has made the feature much more efficient. The Ultra also features a customizable action button that allows quick access to various capabilities. Additionally, the updated hardware functions of the watch have set a new standard by turning it into an essential safety device with an 86-decibel emergency siren and car-crash-detecting features.