A$AP Rocky Shares the Details of His Skincare Regimen

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky recently provided insights into his skincare routine and fashion choices. Along with his unique thoughts on fashion, his approach to skincare will also wow fans, especially as it includes products from Fenty, the beauty line by his girlfriend Rihanna, a singer and fashionista in her own right. The stylish couple’s recent appearance at the 2023 Met Gala also grabbed the limelight.

The Skincare Secrets

The Skincare Secrets

A$AP Rocky, 34, revealed that he pays great attention to taking care of his skin. The rapper shared that he prefers combining products from Gucci Beauty and Rihanna’s highly popular Fenty line for his skincare regimen. Although he chose to keep the specific products he uses a secret, he hinted at the exclusivity of his selection. While discussing his skincare routine, Rocky playfully remarked that he got to keep a few of the products he uses a secret, as not everybody got the “swag with the sauce!”

Fashion Choices

Known for his daring fashion choices, A$AP Rocky shared his thoughts on male celebrities who venture beyond traditional clothing options at red-carpet events. While acknowledging the efforts of those who successfully execute unique styles, he expressed that some individuals can appear silly. With a clear perspective on the necessity of evolving fashion, the rapper appreciated the individuals who break away from convention and also emphasized the importance of proper execution to make a statement on any event’s red carpet. A$AP Rocky also mentioned that he never shies away from rocking the “dad swag,” since becoming a father to his son RZA with Rihanna. The couple is also expecting their second child later this year.

The Met Gala 2023

The Met Gala 2023

A$AP Rocky recently attended the highly anticipated 2023 Met Gala in New York City, where he showcased his fashion sense alongside his partner, Rihanna, 35. The pair made a striking fashion statement on the red carpet, as usual. Rocky opted for a captivating ensemble consisting of a white shirt under a dark blazer, a dark tie, sunglasses, and black shoes. Adding a show-stopping element, he wore a red plaid high-low kilt over bedazzled wide-leg jeans. Meanwhile, Rihanna made a stunning appearance in a gorgeous all-white Valentino outfit with a long trail. The top of the A-line dress featured large white floral applique designs going over her head. The diva accessorized her attire with white cat-eye sunglasses, fingerless gloves, a bold red lip, and dazzling Bulgari jewels to complete the look.

Deep Water Soloing Is the New Sensation in Climbing

Adventure sports around the world often combine daring outdoor activities and different styles of sports. DWS, or deep-water soloing, is one such adrenaline-pumped activity. This climbing discipline is built around free soloing above water. Here, the climber launches himself or herself up an overhanging rock formation rising from a seabed like a rocky iceberg. So, if you lose your grip and have to take the fall, a plunge into forgiving deep seawater is what you get.

A Professional Climber

California-based rock climbing legend Chris Sharma has set a new standard in the adventure sport of climbing. This climber started deep water soloing almost 20 years ago. It wasn’t commonly practiced by professional climbers back then. Sharma didn’t invent the form of the sport by himself though. Rather, he credits a late climber from Spain, Miguel Riera as the godfather of DWS, stretching its roots back to the mid-1970s. Nevertheless, Sharma has taken the sport to a new height, especially in Spain, where it’s called ‘psicobloc.’ His preferred route Mallorca is located above the frothy Mediterranean, snaking along the underbelly of a free-standing arch.

A Professional’s View

To attempt deep water soloing, a climber has to be a good swimmer too! So for those outdoor enthusiasts who can do both, the appeal of this adventure sport is obvious enough. Free soloist Sharma, who spent his childhood surfing in Santa Cruz, shares the same feeling. As he perfectly puts on, one can enjoy the adventure element of alpine climbing in DWS in just swim shorts! While sharing his experience, Sharma stated that during his first attempt, deep water soloing revolutionized his view on climbing. He also describes Mallorca as a veritable DWS laboratory, especially for the climbers lucky enough to experience it. Mallorca does indeed offer some of the best DWS spots in the world, with laid-back island vibes.