Expert Tips on How to Eliminate Unpleasant Odor From Your Favorite Sneakers

Expert Tips on How to Eliminate Unpleasant Odor From Your Favorite Sneakers

It’s quite normal for your favorite pair of shoes to smell after repeated usage. Due to sweat and grime, sneakers tend to take on a foul smell over time, especially if you’re someone who often forgoes socks. If you’ve been stuck with a stinky pair of shoes for a while now, have a look at these five great tips on how to make your sneakers squeaky clean and free of stink!

Use Baking Soda to Neutralize Odors

Sharon Garcia, a professional cleaner and Fabuloso brand cleaning expert, has a simple remedy. Before you go to bed, put some baking soda inside your shoes, and let it work its magic overnight.

Use Baking Soda to Neutralize Odors

In the morning, simply shake the shoes out or vacuum them. Baking soda, a household staple, excels at absorbing odors. To make sure it works, use about half a cup of baking soda for each shoe.

Freshen Up With Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are not limited to laundry. While they may not entirely eliminate odors like baking soda does, they leave a pleasant scent in your shoes, as pointed out by Garcia. The fibers in these sheets are great agents for absorbing some of the lingering smell.

It is possible that the trick might not eliminate the unwanted odors completely, but it can give your shoes a boost of freshness. Try placing at least two dryer sheets in each pair and let them remain overnight. In the morning take the dryer sheets out and wear your sneakers without worrying about bad smells!

Use Essential Oils for a Pleasant Scent

Essential oils work great for many things, but did you know that they can also help eliminate odor from your sneakers? Garcia suggests soaking a few cotton balls in your preferred essential oil or a scented cleaning spray and leaving them inside your shoes at least a few hours.

Use Essential Oils for a Pleasant Scent

Some individuals even vouch for inserting tea bags into their shoes, as these bags are both absorbent and fragrant. Additionally, tea bags can be used to enjoy a relaxing black tea foot soak that effectively combats foot odor.

Try a Vinegar Soak for Sneakers

Sneakers, particularly those used for strenuous activities like running or sports, can develop especially bad smells. Sharon Garcia recommends a vinegar soak for these cases, although she advises against using this method for leather or suede shoes.

Garcia advises soaking your sneakers in a vinegar and water mixture. Afterward, make sure to wash them thoroughly, and the smell will be effectively removed!

5 Things Parents Can Do to Make Their Kids Resilient

Everything that a kid turns out to be is directly or indirectly related to the environment in which he or she was raised. A child can be anything, too emotional, too rude, stronger than other kids of his or her age, and even resilient. It’s important for new parents to understand how times have changed and how they can too. Here are five things that parents who have resilient kids do.

Let Your Child Try

Every child is a born genius. It’s just how you, as a parent, shape their mind. When you don’t let your kids struggle and you run towards them with a helping hand, they start believing that they’ll get everything with someone’s help without putting in the extra effort. So, next time you see your child struggling, let them at least try before lending a hand.

Let Your Kids Face Rejection

It’s necessary for kids to understand and process the word ‘no’. When a kid grows up in an environment where they get everything they demand, and all you answer them with is ‘yes’, they start treating the world in the same manner. It’s important that you prepare your kid to face failure, and rather than falling apart, they’ll stand up stronger than ever.

Make Sure They Don’t Learn to Play the Victim Card

You might not realize it often, but most of the time, a kid tries to put the blame on another person or thing when something goes wrong. If they fail a test, they put the blame on the teacher, and parents usually allow it. Note that the way you react in such situations can actually change the whole perspective of your child. Teach them that mistakes happen and can be rectified, rather than covering it up for them.

Teach Them How to Express Emotions

This is one of the biggest issues with more than half of parents. They don’t let their kids fully express and experience their feelings and emotions. As soon as the child starts crying, they bribe them with something. Let them feel every good, as well as bad, emotion to prepare them for a stronger future.

Accept Your Mistakes in Front of Them and Rectify It

It’s very difficult for people to accept and apologize for their mistakes. But, when a parent does that in front of a child, they learn that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay. However, it’s important that you realize your mistake and fix it then and there.