Facial Moisturizer for Combination Skin Is the Key to Strike a Perfect Balance

Skincare can be tedious or frustrating, especially for those who have combination skin. If your facial skin is an amalgamation of both – dry in some spots and oily in others, and sometimes leans towards one end than the other, you’ve got a bit of trouble there! Because most of the skincare intel available on the internet focuses on either of the categories. But it’s trickier for combination skin. On the one hand, while the drier areas of cheeks, jaw, and hairline need hydrating nourishment, the oilier spots like the T-zone and chin need lightweight pore-friendly support. Enter the range of facial moisturizer products for combination skin, which will help you to straddle both ends of the spectrum more effectively. From all skin types to specially formulated one to extra-dry skin, here are a few top picks for you to choose from according to your need.

The Best Gel Moisturizer

Thanks to its skin-reviving formula, Pretty Boy carries a special distinction from the National Eczema Association. The distinguishing factor of this Revival moisturizer is its lightweight gel recipe, which wears easily across all types of skin. The brand proudly positions this product in an all-in-one category, as it can be used any time of day and is perfectly suitable for every kind of facial skin, including those tricky combination ones.

The Best Assortment of Moisturizers

For more complex combination skin that skews heavily towards either end of the dry-oily spectrum, Atwater offers a terrific trio of options. If your facial skin falls along the range of combination-to-oily, pick the Oil Regulator Facial Moisturizer with oil-tempering properties. For dry-to-combination skin, there’s Heavy Armor Facial Moisturizer to defend your skin against the external elements and to provide ultra-nourishment. The lightweight and shine-free Skin Armor Facial Moisturizer is a universal pick for skin that refuses to be boxed in.

The Best Night Moisturizer

The ‘Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream’ from Youth to the People is a lightweight whip and airy facial moisturizer that works on almost every type of skin. As a perfectly breathable overnight shield for your facial skin, this product launches hyaluronic acid into the core depth of your dermis to retain the firmness and suppleness of the skin. The base of the formula is pure sunflower seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and also non-comedogenic.

The Best Drugstore Moisturizer

If you’re in a rush or confused in front of the moisturizer section in the store, just grab a Neutrogena ‘Hydro Boost’ facial moisturizer. Suitable for extra dry skin, the gel-cream formula of this drugstore staple moisturizer is non-comedogenic and fast-absorbing. This product also comes with a booster dose of hyaluronic acid, the all-time trusty hydration-preserving component, which should be incorporated into your combination-to-extra-dry skincare regime.

The Best Overall Moisturizer

Uniquely but aptly named ‘In Two Minds,’ this Facial Hydrator moisturizer from Aesop is specially formulated for combination skin. This product gently centers and tones both oily and dry areas of your facial skin with soothing witch hazel. To get the best result try this moisturizer alongside the facial cleanser and toner from Aesop’s In Two Minds.

Skipping Meals Due to Appetite Loss: Is it Harmless or Something Serious?

Haven’t we all skipped a meal because we were too busy working or because we didn’t feel like eating? Well, doctors say skipping meals sometimes is normal, but constant thoughts about not wanting to eat can be a sign of something serious. Our appetite depends on a lot of factors, like what’s going on in our system internally and externally in our life. Here are a few possible things that can cause chaos for our appetites:

Being Under the Weather

We all hate being sick, and for good reasons. It not only makes us weak and irritated, but it also leads to a loss of appetite. Cytokine, which is released by white blood cells, aids in infection and works wonders, but these chemicals also cause loss of appetite. It should be noted that this is a temporary cause of loss of appetite, and if a person still doesn’t feel like eating after recovering, the reason could be something else.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety or stress can have different effects on different people. Some people like to eat a lot when they’re stressed, and others don’t eat anything at all. According to a report published by Harvard Health, when a person is stressed or anxious, their body releases epinephrine, a hormone that’s also known as dubbed adrenaline, which reduces their hunger.

Your Previous Meal

A lot of people get so full from one meal that they think they can’t eat the next one, but is it really possible? It’s believed if one is following a balanced diet, rich in fiber and protein, then one might not feel the need to eat in between meals and wouldn’t overeat. One should have a minimum of 10 grams of fiber with 30 grams of protein in one meal.

Change in Weather

According to Kacie Vavrek, R.D., at Ohio State University, a change in weather has a huge effect on our desire to eat. One either doesn’t feel like eating or prefers something light when the temperature goes up. Whereas when it’s cold, one might want to go for multiple meals in a day. Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding overeating is a must amidst the changes.