You Can Finally Buy a MoonSwatch at Retail


The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch has unquestionably been the talk of the town throughout 2023. The craze it stirred up upon its debut in March 2022 was nothing short of astonishing. But, as the seasons change, so do the winds of fate, and it seems that the MoonSwatch landscape might be shifting in favor of collectors.

The Phenomenon of Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch

The MoonSwatch has transcended being just a fleeting trend. Designed to be a mainstay rather than a limited edition, the marriage of Omega and Swatch continues to kindle interest with their occasional releases of Mission to Moonshine Gold variants, tantalizingly available in select cities. Although the online market has yet to fully open its doors, there’s a growing sense that the 11 original MoonSwatch variations might be becoming more accessible to enthusiasts.

From Demand to Retail Possibility

The MoonSwatch’s metamorphosis from scarcity to potential availability is a noteworthy shift. In the United States, Swatch boutiques, once synonymous with winding queues, have been experiencing a shift in inventory. A quick dial-around to nearly every MoonSwatch stockist reveals intriguing insights. Miraculously, strolling into a Swatch store and claiming a MoonSwatch has now become a reality for many. 10 out of 14 contacted locations confirmed their stock of MoonSwatches, which is a remarkable departure from the past demand-driven scarcity.

Availability and Trends

Availability and Trends

However, while the experience of owning a MoonSwatch might be on the horizon, not all colors are created equal. The elusive Mission to Neptune stands as a phantom and the exception amidst plenty. The MoonSwatch in its deep and light blue hues reigns supreme, enjoying high demand and reselling at an average of $1,197 on platforms like StockX. While most Swatch stores were replenishing their MoonSwatch supplies, some locations were found empty-handed, seemingly struggling to meet the insatiable demand. The good news is that deliveries are becoming a routine affair and the Swatch stores are receiving fresh stocks as regularly as clockwork.