5 Essential Gadgets You Need to Have in Your Car

If you love driving, your car is probably like your temple: a sacred place where you can relax, gather your thoughts, and go on adventures. But however great it may feel to spend time in, your temple needs “reinforcements” to ensure you’re prepared for any situation on the road. Here are 5 smart gadgets to keep in your car! 

#1. 3-Port USB Car Charger Adapter

Given the amount of technology we use in our daily lives, having a charger in your car is not even a perk – it’s a necessity. If you are going on a long trip, having as many ports on your car charger is of great convenience, so both you and your companions can keep their phones and tablets running. Opt for a three-port charger adapter so that the charging isn’t too sparse. 

#2. Digital Tire Inflator 

When you go exploring unknown roads, you never know what kind of ride lies ahead. What if your low tire pressure indicator lights up? Good thing you got yourself one of these portable inflators! They are essential, and pretty easy to use, too. Just pull over, take it out and fill up the tire. No need to look for a gas station.

#3 Snow Shovel

If you live in a place that has never seen snow, you might scoff at this suggestion, but your travels can always take you to a colder climate where snow is part of the seasonal weather. Keep a shovel in your trunk – it will turn out to be crucial if you ever get stuck in a snow pile, or need to break up ice and other obstacles on the road.

#4 Antigravity Battery

You never know when you’ll get a dead battery. Having an antigravity battery will come in handy when you need to jumpstart your car. It’s pocket-sized, and doesn’t take up too much space, no matter how compact your car may be. 

#5 Leatherman Rebar

You get 17 tools with this simple gadget. Just get one and keep it in your glove compartment; it can surely help you MacGyver your way out of many problems!