5 Muscles That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Showing off your defined muscles means nothing if you don’t have smaller stabilizers and assisting muscles. If you choose to ignore working on them, you may pay the price in the long run by dealing with injuries, painful workouts, or even an unbalanced body. Here are the ones you should focus on:

1. Gluteus Medius and Minimus

When these two muscles are toned, they lift the glutes. They are vital for walking and climbing stairs. Your gluteus maximus muscle can’t reach its full potential without these two smaller muscles being in shape. You can work on them by using a heavy resistance band, putting it around your ankles, getting into a squat position with your hands out front or on your hips, and taking eight to 10 side-steps in both directions. 

2. Obliques

You can’t get that six-pack that you want without working your obliques. The oblique muscles are those that cross from the bottom of your rib cage, diagonally, to your pubic area. You can work on your obliques by doing bicycle crunches.

3. Tibialis Anterior

Shin splints are not fun, and a way to avoid them is to work out the muscle directly next to your shin bone, the tibialis anterior. You can exercise this muscle by sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the ground and your heels on the ground. Move your toes up and down for eight to 10 reps.

4. Hamstrings

Having big quads and weak hamstrings can bring on potential knee injuries. This can happen due to an unequal pull on the joint. You can use hamstring curl machines and standing leg curl machines to work out your hamstrings.

5. Forearm Extensors

These muscles help you grip heavy items such as dumbbells and weights. Weak forearm extensors can affect your ability to train your larger muscles. While watching TV, you can squeeze and release a tennis ball for three sets of 10 reps to work them out and keep them in shape.