An Empty Vegetable Oil Bottle Under Your Kitchen Sink Can Do Wonders!

Dumping any kind of liquid or solid cooking fat down your drain can cause much trouble for your personal plumbing and also neighborhood drainage system. All you need is an empty bottle of cheap vegetable oil to get out of all these hazards, starting from your kitchen.

The Oil Disposal Technique

There are different types of cheap and expensive cooking oils, which can be filtered, cleaned, and then saved for further use. But if you don’t get the time or will to do all that, just pour the excess oil into an empty container regularly, until it’s filled. Keep the bottle just under your sink beside the trash can. Take it out regularly to pour the cooked fat, once cooled to room temperature. You can pour the grease directly from the pan, or can use a cheap plastic funnel if don’t want to cry over messy spills. Once filled, just throw the bottle in the trash or take it to the oil recycling program of your locality. Oil disposal just gets this easy!

The Right Type of Container

It is rare for any household to be filled with extra disposable containers, like coffee tins or milk cartons. A previously used oil container comes in handy here. No need for any thoughtful choice, as any oil bottle will do, even the store-bought plastic ones with cheap vegetable oils work just fine.

The Benefit

A cheap vegetable oil carton is more durable than a milk carton. Also, it is sealable making it perfect to be reused, a number of times. And unlike a coffee tin, a plastic oil bottle does not need any cleaning before reusing. You are just going to pour new grease over old grease! An old plastic oil bottle under your kitchen sink will do the job. All your greasy, messy oil disposal problems will be solved.