Top 6 Simple Hacks to Lead a More Productive Life

Dreaming big and having big goals are important in life but that doesn’t always need giant leaps. Most of the time, it’s the simple small steps that make all the differences in the end. Here are a few simple yet effective life hacks for you.

The Pomodoro Technique

This highly effective hack increases your productivity to a great extent. Instead of focusing on total working hours, practice carving your working time into 30-minute periods. Work for 25 minutes without any distractions, then take 5 minutes to zone out or goof off.

The 2-by-4 Method

The less stress you have on your mind, the better your body can perform. One of the simplest hacks, this 2x breath method can effectively tackle stress without any knowledge of mindfulness or meditation. When getting stressed, just pause and take a walk, and while doing it, breathe in for 2 steps and breathe out for 4 steps.

Replacing Your Drinks With Water

Sometimes, life hacks can come in the shape of great health advice, just like this one. Swap your regular soda with a glass of water once a day to drop a significant amount of fat. This practice saves you 150 calories every day, adding up to a weight loss of 15 pounds yearly.

Plan Ahead for the Next Day

As one of the most helpful life hacks, this practice has great benefits for both night owls and early birds! If you plan the next day’s schedule the night before, you can hit the ground running and can be more productive throughout the day. And the late risers can get an agenda giving them direction in morning grogginess, and building momentum at the latter half of the day.

Turning Nickels Into the S&P 500

Nowadays, a crop of useful personal finance apps can manage the details of your earnings and savings. These apps round up your share purchases and invest the differences. For example, if you make any purchase of $4.50, then that 50 cents get invested into an exchange-traded fund or ETF. Such ETF generally holds a wide variety of companies across different investing sectors, finally doubling your money.

Tell the Truth to Strengthen Relationships

No matter what, being a person of your word is the key to a successful romantic relationship. This is one of those useful life hacks that often get overlooked willingly or unintentionally. Men tend to tell lies instinctively to protect their ladies, but this backfires too often. As women need the truth more than patronizing protection, you better give her that respect.