Skipping Meals Due to Appetite Loss: Is it Harmless or Something Serious?

Haven’t we all skipped a meal because we were too busy working or because we didn’t feel like eating? Well, doctors say skipping meals sometimes is normal, but constant thoughts about not wanting to eat can be a sign of something serious. Our appetite depends on a lot of factors, like what’s going on in our system internally and externally in our life. Here are a few possible things that can cause chaos for our appetites:

Being Under the Weather

We all hate being sick, and for good reasons. It not only makes us weak and irritated, but it also leads to a loss of appetite. Cytokine, which is released by white blood cells, aids in infection and works wonders, but these chemicals also cause loss of appetite. It should be noted that this is a temporary cause of loss of appetite, and if a person still doesn’t feel like eating after recovering, the reason could be something else.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety or stress can have different effects on different people. Some people like to eat a lot when they’re stressed, and others don’t eat anything at all. According to a report published by Harvard Health, when a person is stressed or anxious, their body releases epinephrine, a hormone that’s also known as dubbed adrenaline, which reduces their hunger.

Your Previous Meal

A lot of people get so full from one meal that they think they can’t eat the next one, but is it really possible? It’s believed if one is following a balanced diet, rich in fiber and protein, then one might not feel the need to eat in between meals and wouldn’t overeat. One should have a minimum of 10 grams of fiber with 30 grams of protein in one meal.

Change in Weather

According to Kacie Vavrek, R.D., at Ohio State University, a change in weather has a huge effect on our desire to eat. One either doesn’t feel like eating or prefers something light when the temperature goes up. Whereas when it’s cold, one might want to go for multiple meals in a day. Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding overeating is a must amidst the changes.