Tomatocore Is the Refreshing Home Aesthetic Inspired by Coastal Mediterranean Chic

How to Bring the Tomatocore Aesthetic Into Your Home

Discover the latest micro-aesthetic taking TikTok by storm—tomatocore. Don’t be fooled by the name; this trend is all about embracing effortless chic and laid-back vibes. Inspired by the relaxed ambiance of a coastal Mediterranean vacation, tomatocore blends old-world Euro style with fresh, timeless looks that evoke the quintessential feeling of summer, reminiscent of freshly picked tomatoes.

Tomatocore in Home Decor

Tomatocore in Home Decor

Soft, neutral hues like white, beige, and light browns form the foundation of the tomatocore aesthetic in home decor. These calming colors serve as the backdrop for your space, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate different colors and patterns using accessories. Consider using these light and airy neutrals for prominent elements in your home, such as the sofa, armchair, and fireplace, to set the tone for the overall aesthetic. Additionally, infuse your space with crisp white textiles like bed sheets, curtains, and tablecloths, creating a fresh and breezy ambiance. However, avoid incorporating black, as tomatocore generally shies away from this color.

Vibrant Pops of Mediterranean Colors

While neutrals are essential in tomatocore, the aesthetic also embraces bold pops of color inspired by bustling Mediterranean markets. Think vibrant shades of red, blue, yellow, and green, reminiscent of fresh produce and cheerful summer vibes. To strike the right balance, use these bold hues sparingly through accessories like throw pillows, vases, pottery, glassware, and more. Remember to keep larger items in your space neutral to maintain the essence of tomatocore.

Classic Mediterranean Patterns With Moderation

Bold patterns play a significant role in the tomatocore aesthetic, channeling the relaxed yet lively Mediterranean atmosphere. Consider incorporating classic botanical patterns featuring motifs like lemons, leaves, tomatoes (of course), fruits, and vibrant flowers. Jaunty stripes and nautical prints are also great choices to complement the tomatocore look. However, it’s crucial to use patterns in moderation and pair them with non-patterned decor elements to strike the perfect balance between minimalism and maximalism.