Travel Safety Expert Explains the Risks of Staying on Certain Floors in a Hotel

There’s no denying that staying at a great hotel comes as one of the perks of traveling. But we often overlook the safety measures that should be kept in mind before booking a room in a hotel. According to travel security expert Lloyd Figgins, one of them is to avoid staying above the fourth floor at all costs. He also has some chilling thoughts about staying below the second floor! The travel risk expert, who specializes in the area of travel safety and security, has also penned The Travel Survival Guide to help tourists to avoid safety mistakes and practice more personal security measures during travel.

The Risk Above the Fourth Floor

The main reason here is fire hazards. According to Figgins, fire department ladders hardly reach above a standard fourth floor. So, in an emergency, the chance of getting rescued is higher if you stay below that. While talking to the outlet, Figgins also said that travelers often make the mistake of thinking a hotel environment is safe, even if it’s unfamiliar. But most of them don’t know what to do next if a fire alarm goes off, having zero idea about the direction and status of the fire exit. So, Figgins expertly recommended that once touching down in a hotel, a traveler should walk the fire escape route.

The Risk Below the Second Floor

As for the safety risk of staying below the second floor, Figgins explained that anywhere below the second floor is an easy target for burglars. Though it may sound dramatic, Figgins warned that burglars often pose as fellow travelers in the reception and lobby of a hotel, marking potential targets, mainly solo travelers. They often manage to get some sort of inside access too. But, it’s not easy to escape after a crime when they have to climb down more staircases.