Top 5 Tricks to Surviving Inflation

If your wallet feels a little light lately, inflation is probably to blame. Inflation doesn’t only drive up the costs of products and goods, it also makes it harder to make regular financial decisions like investing, spending, saving, etc. So, all you need is to store a few tricks up your sleeves to tackle such dire economic conditions, and we’ve rounded up the best ones for you.

Getting a Full Picture of a Budget

The smarter decisions with your money need a clear picture of the exact money you have in the first place. According to professionals, in the practice of inflation check, the budgeting exercise comes first before the prioritization exercise. It’s easy to track your transactions and finances. Just download a budgeting app or check your online bank account statement every now and then.

Saving Without Agonizing

Inflation generally comes with the effect of rising expenses faster than your income. So in the condition of tighter money, it gets harder to save for the long-term. But it’s necessary to have enough in your savings account as a 3-to-6-month emergency fund. You don’t need to stuff more than that, as interest rates likely remain a lot lower during inflation. So, calculate cleverly.

Intentional Cutting Back

People are generally pretty good at budgeting around large expenses like mortgage or rent payments, monthly groceries, car EMIs, etc. It’s the smaller recurring expenses, such as streaming, file-hosting, meal kit services, newsletter subscriptions, gym membership, etc., which add up quickly. So during inflation, be firm, prioritize your necessities and get rid of everything else.

Investing in the Most Boring Way Possible

Though it sounds dull, this is the step that can get you through tight inflation. Inflation is not the time to make risky bets. So instead of a volatile stock market, invest in low-cost long-term goals and safer assets, with retirement in mind. It’s better to hold off on meme stocks for the time being. Think of your investments as the more linear and straightforward, the better.