Workouts to Boost Your Testosterone Level in Your 40s

Keeping yourself up and running in your 20s is not a big deal. You are young, energetic, and have the dedication to lose those extra inches with a workout session every day. You can very easily pick up heavy dumbbells and run without getting breathless. But, when you start hitting your 40s and kids actually start calling you uncle (oops!), you know it’s time to get back in the game. In fact, your age also starts decreasing your testosterone. Here are a few workouts that work on your overall body and can help you with these factors.

Kneeling Plank Rotations

Balancing your body, kneel on your left knee. Hold a plate on your right hip while you do that. Rotate the plate in a circular motion, working from overhead to your left knee. You basically need to create an arc. Bring the plate back to your body in a straight line. Switch your knee and redo the process. Try to do around four sets of 15 repetitions on each knee.

Palloff Press

Stand straight parallel to a gyming cable machine. Now pull the handle of the equipment and hold it at the level of your chest. Keep pressing the cable forward and ensure that your shoulders and hips form a square. Try and make sure that you fight against the force to move. Do not move your feet during the exercise. Approximately four sets of 15 reps would do it!

3D Planks

This workout first requires you to be in a plank position. Now, move one of your knees towards the opposite elbow. For instance, if you are driving your right knee, then it should go towards your left elbow. Then, go back to the original plank position without resting your foot on the ground. Now, take the same knee towards the other elbow. Instead of taking it back, pause. Turn your knee at the right angle to your body and again take it back to your left elbow. Repeat this 5-10 times and then switch sides. Try to get 3-5 sets done.

Summing it Up

Other than these full-body exercises, there are several other exercises for your specific body zones. Cable flyers, ball dumbbell press, and a lot more whoo-hahh sessions will help you maintain your hard-earned body and balance your testosterone levels. Remember not to overstress your body and make a good workout plan so that you do not end up doing anything. Grab your bag and hit the gym already.

Dad Builds Ice Rink in the Backyard to Help His Sons With Hockey

The 2020 pandemic has forced people to think outside the box for ways to get outside and have fun. One Iowa family has a tradition that’s the perfect escape from the boredom of your home. Weylon Heiser has been setting up an ice rink in his backyard each winter for years so his sons can practice their ice hockey skills.

the ice rink Weylon Heiser built for his sons

The Ice Rink Is Made From Boards, Liners, and a Lot of Water

Heiser decided to build the ice rink during a Christmas break. He spent his vacation building all of the brackets and boards. The materials cost him a couple of thousand dollars, while the liner is an annual investment of about $500. When assembled the ice rink is 50 feet wide and 100 feet long.

young boys playing hockey Both Heiser’s sons are avid ice hockey aficionados and practice almost every day. However, their father quickly realized that they don’t get a lot of ice time to themselves during their team practices. It was then that he decided to help them by building them their own ice rink.

Hard Work Leads to Success

He wanted his sons to have a place where they can practice their favorite sport and hone their skills. Heiser firmly believes that the more time they spend practicing something, the better they will get at it. He also wanted to install the correct work ethic in his kids.

The oldest son, Christian, playing hockey on the ice rink

Christian, the oldest son, appreciates his father’s work and gets on the ice daily to shoot pucks for a couple of hours in order to enhance his accuracy, execution speed, and slapshot. The boys also host three-on-three games with their teammates whenever possible.

Heiser is convinced that building the ice rink was an investment worth making because it makes his children happy and allows them to reach their goals. It also keeps his family active during times when people are hunkered down.