The Audio of Ripper the Talking Duck Was Recently Rediscovered

An audio recording of the Australian musk duck Ripper was recently rediscovered by researchers. The 34-year-old recording represents the first documented evidence of the musk duck species mimicking sounds. The audio itself contains a recording of Ripper saying something like, “you bloody fool.”

Ripper the Talking Duck Was Recorded Back In 1987 by Researcher Dr. Peter Fullagar

Ripper the Talking Duck Dr. Fullagar recorded Ripper at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve near Canberra decades ago, and until recently, the audio had been lost. That is until it was rediscovered by Professor Carel ten Cate of the Leiden University, Netherlands. Professor Carel ten Cate had been researching birds that are capable of vocal learning when he came across a reference to a talking musk duck that used to imitate sounds like speech and even a slamming door.

Professor Carel ten Cate Was Amazed That the Recording of Ripper the Talking Duck Was Not Noticed Sooner

According to Professor Carel ten Cate, the discovery of Ripper the talking duck came as a big surprise to him. He also pointed out how he found it amazing that it had remained unnoticed by vocal learning researchers until now. Professor ten Cate also said that this made the event a very special rediscovery.

Apparently, mimicking sounds is a rare characteristic among all animals. While there is evidence of vocal learning in whales, dolphins, bats, and elephants, it does not appear that it is in the nature of most mammals. It is most common among birds like parrots and ravens, who can easily mimic some sounds. Still, according to the Professor, vocal learning is rare for this group of animals as well.

Prof Carel ten CateThe professor also stated that many species of songbirds, parrots, and hummingbirds are known for being able to learn to produce specific sounds. He then cleared things out by saying that this is because vocal learning originated in those groups’ ancestral species. Previously, researchers assumed that vocal learning was shown in only three of the thirty-five orders of birds, but now thanks to Ripper the talking duck, Professor ten Cate can introduce a new order to the group.

5 Hair Clipper Options for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

Justin Timberlake Short Hairstyle
5 Hair Clippers for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

No matter if recent events have inspired you to learn how to get yourself a buzz cut or you simply prefer the freedom of being able to do it yourself whenever you need it, clippers are a must for any man. The best buzz cuts result from a well-built clipper, although if you’re looking to get a full-on head shave, it’s best to consider getting an electric shaver. So, which hair clippers are suitable for gentlemen who love to keep their sleek looks? Here are five of the best options…

1. For When You’re Traveling

travel-friendly clippers
5 Hair Clippers for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

If you’re a frequent traveler, having a clipper in your travel bag is an absolute must for taking care of touch-ups on the go. Who said you have to look like a bear each time you have to make a longer than predicted business trip or go on a holiday? With a travel-friendly clipper, you will always have a speedy solution to your messy look.

2. For Professional Results

Andis Professional Clipper
5 Hair Clippers for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

This will certainly come at a price, higher than what you would expect, but it surely will be worth it. The brand is considered to be the holy grail of men’s hair trimmers so if you’re looking to spoil yourself, this will do the trick. It takes one hour to charge, and it can deliver a full 90 minutes of cordless use. Not bad, right?

3. For Budget Reasons — Amazon’s Bestselling Clippers

Amazon’s Bestselling Clippers
5 Hair Clippers for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

Out of all hair clippers, this one is Amazon’s bestseller. It is durable, affordable, and it gets the job done perfectly. Although it is frequently restocked, you might have to place an advance order on it. It is the perfect choice for beginners and people looking for a budget solution.

4. For Ergonomic Design

palm-held clipper for ergonomic design
5 Hair Clippers for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

This 9-guard, palm-held clipper is super easy to use, and it glides smoothly over and around your dome. Since you’re not twisting your wrist at odd angles, you can achieve a much even result on the back and sides with less the hassle. If you’re a fan of ergonomic designs, this is certainly the ideal option for you.

5. For the All-In-One Solution

 All-In-One Solution
5 Hair Clippers for Men That Are Interested in DIY Buzz Cuts

Hair clippers are great, but they are at their best when they come with a full set of guards, combs, clips, and scissors. This set, in particular, includes two additional devices to help detail your facial hair, snip wild eyebrows, nose and ear hairs, and the lot. Truly a whole encompassing solution in a single affordable set.