Here Is Why Banana Peel Makes a Great Ingredient

How many times have you eaten a banana and thrown its peel in the dump? Well, are you aware that we have all been flinging away a very nutritious ingredient? You heard that right. What you always thought to be a mere waste is very beneficial for your body. This was discovered when a few scientists encountered The Atheist’s Nightmare and took away the fact that a banana has its own biodegradable wrapper. Interesting, right?

The Nutritious Banana Peel

Since childhood, we have been throwing away a big part of a banana that is actually filled with antioxidants, nutrients, dietary fiber, potassium, essential amino acids, and polyunsaturated fats. Adding this little ingredient to some of your recipes can make a huge difference and encourage people to reduce waste and move towards a healthier and better life. However, eating this wrapper might not be the most delicious idea. It can feel a bit tough to bite and a lot fibrous, but what if you can add it to one of your all-time favorites without knowing that a peel was added as a raw ingredient?

Banana Peel Cookies Experiment

During an experiment done by the American Chemical Society’s Food Science & Technology, they dried and prepared a banana peel powder and added it in different quantities, and made cookies with it. As a result, they found out that cookies with the highest amount of peel powder were harder and were of darker color. However, the batter in which they added 7.5% peel powder and 92.5% wheat was a big success. An entire tasting panel came to the conclusion that this proportion was the best to make delicious cookies. Additionally, not only do these cookies taste amazing, but they also have the same shelf life as the ones without the peel powder.

Make an Obstacle Course for the Kids in the Living Room

Kids love to jump, crawl, swing, and more. Most of them know what an obstacle course is, especially since the world looks like one when you’re small. Having them race through homemade obstacle courses throughout your living room can definitely keep them busy.

Obstacle course in the living room - a fun way to entertain kids
Make an Obstacle Course for the Kids in the Living Room

The ideal obstacle course should be easy to construct and reconstruct, challenging, fun, and silly. However, it should also be safe — which is the most important of it all.

A Living Room Obstacle Course

You will need the following to build the ideal living room obstacle course for your kids.

  • Items to jump over, from, and onto. These can be interlocking foam mats or tumbling mats. Ropes, cushions, pillows, toys, and stable pieces of furniture.
  • Things that the kids can crawl under and/or through. If your kids don’t have a play tunnel, you can always set up a sheet for them to crawl under — army style.
  • Items that can be thrown. Making a station where you have to aim and throw things can be fun and it can also help the kids develop their throwing skills at a younger age.
  • Balancing items. These can be homemade balance beams if you don’t have real ones. You can designate certain items on the floor of the living room as safe zones while the rest is lava.

How to Play

Kids jumping on the living room couch
Make an Obstacle Course for the Kids in the Living Room

This is where you can get creative and make up your own rules. Build a few different stations with their own challenges. The kids can help with this part, depending on their age.

Adding challenges as the kids continuing playing in the living room can make it more exciting. If the kids seem to master certain obstacles, you can add different aspects to the different sections.

Incorporating your imagination can also make it more exciting for the kids and adding a points system can also be intriguing.