Long Lost Land Discovered Under the Ocean

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It seems that fiction had met reality, as a massive piece of land was just found off of Australia’s northern coast. The land stretches for 242,300 miles and was once home to 500,000 people. Read on to learn more about this newly discovered piece of land.

Hidden in the Ocean

Scientists believe this piece of land was submerged roughly 18,000 years ago when sea levels rose. Apparently, the land was quite useful before becoming completely submerged. According to Kasih Norman of Queensland’s Griffith University, who assisted in this discovery, “The region contained a mosaic of habitable fresh and saltwater environments. The most salient of these features was the Malita inland sea.”

Who Lived There?

It’s believed that the land boasted between 50,000 to 500,000 residents over the years and reached its population peak roughly 20,000 years ago. According to Norman, there will likely be more discoveries of once-inhabited landscapes.

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The researcher explained, “Many large islands off Australia’s coast – islands that once formed part of the continental shelves – show signs of occupation before sea levels rose.” We’ll just have to wait and see what else the ocean is hiding!

Is Plant-Based Meat the New Meat?

Everyone nowadays is moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Each one of us has a different definition of staying fit. For some, it’s the keto diet, for others, it’s going vegan. Veganism, over the past few years, has attracted hundreds of thousands of people towards it. When Impossible Whooper replaced the meat patty with soy and black beans in Burger King’s classic burger, even Glen Beck, a cattle rancher couldn’t tell the difference. With a taste and texture similar to real meat, is plant-based meat really good for you? Let’s find out.

Creating Plant-Based Meat

When Impossible Whooper and Beyond Meat created a patty that tasted as delicious and juicy as a real meat patty, they made sure that it had everything. From protein, fat, vitamins, and zinc, to heme, they added an alternative for everything. The base was either soy or pea and a thickener was added to bring the patty together. Fermented yeast worked as a heme to add iron and overall, this patty turned out to have more dietary fiber than real meat.

Is it Good for You?

People have contrary opinions about if this kind of meat is good for you or not. A food science professor at Penn State, John Coupland stated that people make a decision on the basis of the procedure and raw material used in making this alt meat. He added that the number of nutrients added to this thing might put it a little on the bad side. The question is if this can actually make any sense in a diet. People are very well aware that plant-based meat is more processed than what you eat on an everyday basis. Why? To balance out the nutritional value of your overall meal. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry stated that real meat is more soluble in the human gut and therefore helps in rebuilding your muscles.