Scientists Unearths a New Armored Dinosaur Species on Britain’s Isle of Wight

The Tanky Dinosaur Is Named After a Prominent Paleontology Professor.

Scientists have recently discovered a new species of armored dinosaur on the Isle of Wight, marking the first description of an armored dinosaur on the island in over 140 years. Named Vectipelta barretti after Professor Paul Barrett of the Natural History Museum, this tank-like dinosaur was found in the Wessex Formation, known for its rich fossil beds.

Importance of the Discovery

The discovery is significant for understanding ankylosaur diversity in the Wessex Formation and Early Cretaceous England. The Wessex Formation consists of alternating layers of clay and sand, deposited between 140 and 125 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous period. Previously, all ankylosaur remains from the Isle of Wight were attributed to Polacanthus foxii, a well-known dinosaur from the island. Vectipelta barretti differs from Polacanthus foxii in various features, such as neck and back vertebrae, pelvic structure, and the shape of its armor. Through phylogenetic analysis, scientists have determined that Vectipelta barretti is more closely related to some Chinese ankylosaurs, indicating potential dinosaur migrations from Asia to Europe during the Early Cretaceous period.

Insights Into the Past

Insights Into the Past

During Vectipelta barretti’s time, Great Britain’s Isle of Wight was connected to the mainland and experienced a climate resembling the Mediterranean of today. The region featured fertile floodplains with meandering rivers. Floods would carry organic materials, including plants, logs, and even dinosaurs, creating isolated ponds on the floodplains. Over time, these materials became buried in sediment and clay, preserving them as fossils.

Recognition and Future Discoveries

The new dinosaur species was named in honor of Professor Paul Barrett for his significant contributions to the field of paleontology. The scientists involved in the study anticipate further discoveries on the Isle of Wight, including new species of dinosaurs. Ongoing efforts to recover fossils continue to provide valuable insights into the region’s prehistoric past. Vectipelta barretti is now on display at the Dinosaur Isle Museum on the Isle of Wight.

Restaurant Decides to Ban Young Kids Because of Their Noise and Crazy Messes

Have you ever felt annoyed by the tantrums made by naughty kids when you’re trying to talk to your friends or enjoy your favorite spaghetti in a restaurant? If so, then this restaurant will be the perfect spot for you. The New Jersey-based Italian restaurant, named Nettie’s House of Spaghetti, has recently taken to social media to announce that children under 10 would no longer be allowed to dine in the establishment.

The Post

Located in the area of Tinton Falls in New Jersey, Nettie’s is a family-friendly Italian restaurant. Recently, the establishment shared a post across social media to inform potential customers about their new policy, which they’ll implement from the 8th of March, the day the restaurant will reopen after winter break. In the post, the restaurant said they really love children, but several incidents prompted the restaurant to take this particular decision for the sake of their business moving forward. They needed to take control of the situation, which involved noise levels, cleaning up crazy messes in rounds, cramping up high chairs, and the liability of kids running around the restaurant.

The Feedback

The post from the restaurant was met with mixed reviews. While some people have praised the decision for being justified, others criticized it, referring to it as totally unfair. One user, another restaurant worker, said in the same line that nowadays, most kids are out of control while their parents are oblivious, and they all possess an unreal disregard for even common decency. Another user commented that, for this decision only, Nettie’s is going to be their favorite spot from now on. Contrary to these, there are also a few criticisms in the feedback. One user lashed out by saying that it’s completely illogical and awful to ban all the children, just because some parents don’t discipline their kids. Another user expressed their disappointment over the decision, as they were planning to check out the restaurant soon with their perfectly well-mannered nine-year-old.