Three Possible Explanations for the Recent Flood in India

Uttarakhand, India, before the flood

On February 7, a flash flood in India’s Himalayan Uttarakhand state killed at least 30 people, and many more are still missing. The disaster washed away two hydroelectric power stations, and scientists are still trying to understand the cause of the flood. Was it a glacier or a landslide, or something else entirely? These are some of the theories:

1. Some Believe a Break of a Glacier Caused the Flood

Flood relief efforts The initial reports following the disaster suggested that the floodwaters were the result of a sudden overflow of a glacier breaking up in the mountains, causing a lake outburst. Researchers say it’s still too early to determine the cause of the flood, but a glacier break seems in line with previously known hazards in the region.

2. Others Claim a Landslide Was to Blame

the overflowing waters following the flood Daniel Shugar, a geomorphologist at the University of Calgary in Canada, disagrees with the glacier lake outburst theory and argues that the root of the flood could have been a landslide instead. Satellite images taken during the disaster reportedly show signs of a landslide being activated, such as a dark area of massive dust deposition. According to Shugar, the damage of a landslide is similar to the damage of the disaster in India, and that the effect can be triggered by a number of factors running from rain to an earthquake.

3. Could It Be the Result of a Climate Change?

Hindu Kush Himalayan region Researchers agree that the flood was a “climate event” and that the risk of glacial lake outbursts and landslides has increased in this high-mountain region as a result of climate change. The region that covers the Tibetan Plateau and the Hindu Kush Himalayan mountains is also known as “Earth’s third pole” because it contains the largest freshwater reserves outside the polar regions. With the rise of climate change and so much water in one place, it makes sense that these types of hazards can occur more often.

The definitive reason for India’s flood, however, is yet to be determined.

Golf Pro Jordan Spieth Talks Real-Life Diet & Guacamole Addiction

When Jordan Spieth turned pro back in 2012, he was just 19 years old. His impressive track record includes almost every career accomplishment there is in the golf world. He has won the U.S. Open, the British Open, the Masters… He is a true master on the golf course, despite his recent drop to No. 51 in the ranking. The Dallas-native golfer doesn’t seem to be much affected by it since he also has other things on his mind — guacamole.

Golf Pro Jordan Spieth Talks Real-Life Diet & Guacamole Addiction

Jordan Spieth’s Breakfast

In a recent interview with GQ, Jordan sat down to talk about his training regime, diet, and unabated love for guacamole. The pro golfer said he prefers training in the morning, which he usually starts around 9 AM. He makes his own breakfast either prior to or after his training session. Jordan will often make eggs with chicken, apples, and avocado, or gouda, sausage, and apples. Other times, he’ll make shakes with protein powder, spinach or kale, almond milk, and a mix of banana, berries, chia or flax seeds, and peanut or almond butter.

Golf Pro Jordan Spieth Talks Real-Life Diet & Guacamole Addiction

There’s Avocado for Dinner, Too

He might not be picky about his lunch, but Jordan certainly loves dinnertime. He and his wife love Mexican food, where, as you probably know, guacamole is an absolute must. The pro golfer admits that he’ll often have tones of guacamole before dinner even arrives. He doesn’t say whether it’s homemade guacamole or not, but it sure is good. The famous green mousse of avocado and other goodies is a staple of Mexican cuisine and so close to Jordan’s heart that his entire diet contains as many calories as Michael Phelps’ in his prime! Can you imagine that?

Golf Pro Jordan Spieth Talks Real-Life Diet & Guacamole Addiction

Guacamole Is Life

Despite his love for guacamole, Spieth says he gains zero weight. He actually needs to eat a lot to keep his physique in shape, and we can certainly envy that.