Athlete Usain Bolt Reveals the Name of His Newborn Baby Girl

Usain Bolt is an Olympic athlete who holds a few world records to this day in his sport. His girlfriend, Kasi J. Bennett, recently gave birth to their first child, and Usain finally revealed the newborn baby girl’s name.

Usain Bolt with his girlfriend, Kasi J. Bennett
Athlete Usain Bolt Reveals the Name of His Newborn Baby Girl

A Big Announcement by Usain Bolt

He took to Instagram to wish his girlfriend a Happy Birthday. Within the caption, he mentioned his newborn baby girl’s name – Olympia Lightning Bolt.

In Usain Bolt’s caption to his beloved partner, he mentioned that the two have recently started a new chapter in their life together by welcoming their baby girl. He included pictures of a photoshoot that Kasi and Olympia did together and a solo shot of their new bundle of joy.

Fans and followers of the athlete quickly started to obsess about the beauty of their baby girl, her smile, and her name.

Gaining a Lot of Attention

Usain Bolt's daughter Olympia
Athlete Usain Bolt Reveals the Name of His Newborn Baby Girl

Andrew Holness, the Jamaican Prime Minister, posted to social media in May of 2020 to announce the arrival of baby Bolt.

Usain and Kasi have been dating for almost seven years. The two have expressed their desire to start a family together numerous times.

After Usain Bolt posted the picture to Instagram, the name Olympia Lightning Bolt started trending across several platforms. Some even took it to Twitter. While many praised the original name, others threw shade at the athlete for referring to Kasi as his girlfriend after she gave birth to his child.

However, Kasi was quick to clap back and tell them to mind their business, as they should.

While Usain Bolt is now a father, he is also a world and Olympic record holder when it comes down to the 100-, 200- and four by 100-meter relay.

Usain Bolt is a five-time world champion, and he has won three Olympic gold medals.