40+ Camping Hacks for Anyone Looking to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

This article appeared in Unpasted and has been published here with permission.

These Camping Hacks Will Make Your Trip Memorable

Do you want your backpack to be lighter while camping, so you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sunset and that jaw-dropping picturesque view while sipping your favorite beverage? If you answered ‘yes’, you’re in luck because we have some of the best camping hacks! If you want to be well-equipped to make your camping more adventurous and hassle-free, without compromising your comfort, check out these must-know camping tips!

Ignite Fire Easily

Forgot to carry a liquid fluid to let start your fire? Don’t scratch your head about what to do. Instead, prepare a safe spot for lighting the fire by laying out some wooden pieces to keep the fire going. There are multiple alternatives to start your fire.

Ignite Fire Easily

For example, you can ignite a fire using a handful of corn chips, a fried chips bag, or dry noodles pack. Amazing? Yeah! Don’t worry, if you don’t have either of these. Just use a bottle’s popped-up cork and let the fire begin!

DIY Shower

When enjoying the great outdoors, a few shower products can pile up in your backpack. When taking a shower becomes a necessity, you can fill up a plastic bag or container with shower products and hang it on a tree. Then, poke that container with some holes in the bottom.

DIY Shower

That’s it! Your DIY shower is all set. Also, you can use take another plastic bag and make a hole. Then, insert a small pipe so that you can use it for a longer time instead of wasting a lot of water.

Remedy for Stubborn Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are unwanted guests when it comes to the outdoors. Thus, if you’ve gathered around a campfire, it’d work like magic to get rid of mosquitoes if you added some coffee grounds or sage to the fire.

Remedy for Stubborn Mosquito

Thus, the smell of coffee or sage in the smoke will force mosquitoes to leave. Alternatively, you can apply tea tree, lavender oil, or peppermint on your skin and clothes to keep mosquitoes away.

Farewell to Those Giant Ants

To keep ants at bay, mint leaves or plants are essential. All you need to do is spread out some leaves or sprinkle oil droplets around, but this might not work if it’s on the ground.

Farewell to Those Giant Ants

But don’t worry – spray a solution consisting of three parts water, one part lemon juice, and half vinegar. Such camping hacks keep ants away. Also, you can lay out a powder of black pepper, cayenne, or cinnamon on the area where you wish to sit, in order to eliminate ants.

Paste Sandpaper on Match Holders

When it comes to matches, they’re an essential item for camping. However, a soggy atmosphere can make the case moist or the strike pad become damp. Thus, this camping hack ensures that the matches will do their job whenever you need them!

Paste Sandpaper on Match Holders

Attach the coarse sandpaper with adhesive, to make it stick to the matchbox. Attach it to a small waterproof container’s inner side of the lid; it’ll help keep your match safe from getting wet. This way, you’ll get a waterproof match holder!

Use a Sleeping Bag Stuffed With Clothes

Instead of a cotton-filled pillow, stuff your sleeping bag with clothes. Pillows are one of the things people love carrying while traveling, but the amount of space they take up in a bag can be problematic.

Use a Sleeping Bag Stuffed With Clothes

So, here’s the hack for you! Stuff your pillow with some of your softest clothing. Also, ensure that socks aren’t tightly balled up, and sleeves are unrolled, so no pressure points are created. Shape up your pillow as you like and save much more space in your bag.

Place Jugs of Water in Coolers

To make ice packs for your next camping trip, freeze jugs of water. Small ice packs melt quickly, making food items soggy and soaked. Always remember when filling water for camping; it’s an essential thing to carry, and thus, packing more than adequate drinking water is good, but packing water with weight is a waste.

Place Jugs of Water in Coolers

With this camping hack for the great outdoors, you can simultaneously allow your ice to become your extra drinking water while keeping your food cold.

Melt and Seal Straws for Storage

People always browse for smart camping hacks, and here’s one of them: Cut your straws into smaller sections to store spices and other items, and seal the other end by melting it with a candle.

Melt and Seal Straws for Storage

To store more ingredients, cut a longer length of the straw, close the other end, and there you have it: an ultra-portable, waterproof selection of spices in the middle of the woods!

Eggs in a Bottle

Are you a foodie? If so, then this camping hack is definitely for you! Instead of worrying about carefully packing eggs without breaking them along the way, shell out all your eggs before your trip and store them in a bottle!

Eggs in a Bottle

This will save your trip from getting messier and more troublesome after the eggs break. From now on, have your favorite food item anytime, anywhere. Thank us later, guys!

Roll Your Outfits

Depending on how many days you’ll spend outdoors, you may need to organize your outfits by the day so you can grab them quickly. Heading out in the middle of the summer involves a lot of dirt, meaning you must take plenty of clothes with you – just in case you need them.

Roll Your Outfits

You can start by outlining what clothes you wish to wear each day. Then, place these clothes in an oversized item for a particular day and roll them together. This makes packing easier and allows you not to pull out other clothes while finding the right outfit.

Colored Tape for Fishing Rods

Colored tape makes it easier to distinguish between fishing rods. If you’re a fan of going fishing while camping, an extensive collection of rods must be crowding your house. And why not? It’s a great outdoor sport and gives you something mouthwatering to eat.

Colored Tap for Fishing Rods

However, it becomes a headache to identify which fishing rod you want to use if you’re in a hurry. That’s where colored tape plays a part. You can use it to label your fishing rods with ‘light’, ‘medium’, and ‘heavy’ labels.

Create Travel Coffee Bags

For those up for camping outdoors, you can make your own travel coffee bags. Most people love to sip coffee every morning, even when they’re not at home.

Create Travel Coffee Bags

You can start by picking up different coffee filters and spreading them on a table. Next, mix a scoop of coffee into each filter before wrapping up the top with dental floss to keep the coffee inside.

Use Vegetable Peelers to Make Soap Leaves

People who are pretty particular about cleanliness and hygiene don’t need to carry a whole room of soap. It’ll only result in weighing your bag down.

Use Vegetable Peelers to Make Soap Leaves

What should they do instead? Get a vegetable peeler and one bar of soap before heading out. Now, shred small soap slices to store them in a bag that’ll save a lot of space and allow you to maintain hygiene without carrying any extra weight.

Menu Planning

Whenever you’re up for a long camping trip, the most critical and hectic task is the food. Our palette is always in search of some sumptuous food. Thus, it’d be convenient if you make a menu planning everything. Printables are the best when it comes to organizing your camping meals.

Menu Planning

You can even mention which food item everyone loves to eat. That way, you can categorize accordingly and enjoy your flavorful meal without the hassle of asking everyone what they want to eat.

Use Laundry Baskets for Fishing

Laundry baskets are perfect for storing your fishing catches. Also, they can give you the opportunity to keep your delicious catch to one side while waiting for other members of your camping party to join you.

Use Laundry Baskets for Fishing

Make a laundry basket your go-to equipment without breaking your bank account. This will be one of the most incredible camping hacks to keep you, and your tummy, happy!

Store Charcoal in Egg Cartons

Have you ever wondered how bulky those charcoal bags are? It’s possibly one of the last things that people think of while going on a camping trip.

Store Charcoal in Egg Cartons

Instead of taking a whole bag, you can carry charcoal in an egg carton. Next time, when you have a vacant cardboard egg carton, add one charcoal into each gap and you’ll have enough charcoal for your outdoor camping.

Keep Camping Cookware Rust-Free

Silica gel packets help absorb moisture in things with rust. Ideally, we store our cookware in a dry and moisture-free place between uses. However, that’s not always possible when camping. This is where silica gel packets come into action.

Keep Camping Cookware Rust-Free

These packets keep moisture away. So don’t feel disappointed if you see your favorite skillet or bowl with a rust coating, just do this little trick to get rid of rust from your beautiful culinary set.

Use Pool Floats as Camping Beds

To save more space, you can think of a pool float as a stand-in camping bed for a good night’s sleep. One of the fantastic benefits of using an inflatable pool float is it offers a soft mattress compared to you sleeping on hard flooring.

Use Pool Floats as Camping Beds

One more usage of using this pool float is you can use them in layers of foam blankets or mats. These sleeping beds can be deflated and inflated when required. If you want to have a nap in the car, you can add a pool float to the back seats.

Cotton Swabs for Quick Ignition

Many people find it challenging to start a fire when camping in a moist atmosphere or in winter. It can take minutes, or even hours, to start a fire, and sometimes people get frustrated when they make so much effort and get nothing. But don’t be disheartened!

Cotton Swabs for Quick Ignition

Here’s a quick hack for you – dip corks in antiseptic or cotton swabs in wax, and you can store them in a zip lock or air-tight container to use as easy and brilliant portable fire starters.

Make Your Ride More Adventurous

Another level of camping is riding a bike and listening to rejuvenating music while heading on a camping trip. Bikers sometimes find it difficult when their headset gets loose. The best part is bike repairs are not as challenging as they look.

Make Your Ride More Adventurous

Here’s the solution for you – flip your headset cap if your headset gets loose on your bike. If it’s attached at the bottom, you can undo the screw and flip your headset cap upside down to get things tight and back on track.

Make Your Camping Cookouts Easy

For making your cookouts easy, marinate your meat in sealed bags and freeze them for effortless storage and cooking. For easy heating, you can make breakfast burritos and sandwiches covered in aluminum foil. Also, you can use aluminum foil for cooking vegetables, cheese, and macaroni.

Make Your Camping Cookouts Easy

Mix pancake batter in an old ketchup squeeze bottle and then squeeze them on a hot grill. If you’re a coffee lover, you can make cold brew concentrate instantly by mixing it with boiled water. The next morning, you can enjoy sipping a hot cup of exquisite coffee.

When There’s Rainfall

Want to protect your tent from rain? A tarp is a one-stop solution and an all-purpose tool when it comes to camping. It offers shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.

When There’s Rainfall

So don’t forget to bring an extra tarp for wrapping your tent, preventing it from touching the ground, and helping to keep the inner side of your tent dry. You can also keep items dry by keeping them in dry sacks.

Cold Weather

The worst thing about winter camping is when your toes get cold. Keep your toes all toasty and warm with sock liners. You can wear these sock liners over your socks when going to sleep or walking a trail.

Cold Weather

Moreover, you can put a hand warmer in your sock rather than using it just for your hands. Also, tuck it into your sleeping bag before going to bed. Once you want to sleep, you’ll find your sleeping bag all cozy and like a warm cocoon that you’ll love to burrow in.

Camping With Your Pets

Are you a pet lover? Of course, you are! While going camping, you may worry about your furry friend. Ensure your pet’s leash is easy and accessible to find by hanging the leash from a hook. You can easily find these hooks in most DIY stores, and they can be effortlessly screwed into a branch or tree.

Camping With Your Pets

If you have a hammock lineup or clothesline, you can even hook it there. Your pups can freely roam around and still stay contained within your campsite via ziplines. You can create your own by using spring clasps and nylon ropes.

Organize Your Camping Essentials

Arrange your items systematically using a shoe rack with transparent pockets so you can easily see where you’ve placed your things. You can store things like sunscreen, bug spray, and flashlights.

Organize Your Camping Essentials

You can even roll it like a towel and tie it with a string to keep everything together. With rope or clothesline, you can organize your camping essentials and hang your stuff using a carabiner.

Camping With Kids

Make a separate shower lanyard for keeping your shower kit all organized and ensuring it won’t touch the ground. Make these shower lanyards using hanging squeeze bottles which you can reuse afterwards.

Camping With Kids

If you have a restless tot who likes to run around, place a bear bell on their shoes so you can hear their movement when they’re not close to you.

Wear Sunglasses With a Twist

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ve probably experienced your sunglasses slipping from your hands and falling into the water. Are you thinking of using lanyards to protect your sunglasses? But what when they fall off too?

Wear Sunglasses With a Twist

Here comes the savior – take an old cork; drill a large hole for your lanyard right in the middle. Attach the cork to your sunglasses’ lanyard, and your glasses will never sink in the water again!

Calm Itchy Bites

Spending time in nature can become troublesome when you realize bugs are biting you! Many of us have found ways to prevent our skin from bug bites or prevent them from getting into our tents.

Calm Itchy Bites

Still, these annoying bugs will often find a way to enter your tent, and you risk getting bitten by these terrible bugs, which can sometimes ruin your camping experience. Luckily, a stick of deodorant can lessen your itchiness. Just rub it on the bite and you’re good to go!

Use Plastic Sleds to Move Bulky Items

Plastic sleds are the best for moving things around. You can use them to transfer things from one place to another without worrying about lifting heavy items.

Use Plastic Sleds to Move Bulky Items

These plastic sleds can save a lot of effort and time. Load things you need onto the sled and keep it safely in a place with short bungee cable ties. That way, you can slide your heavy stuff along the ground and save hundred of trips between your campsite and car.

Use Cabbage Leaves to Save Meat

Cooking over a campfire is an unmatched experience for those who love culinary adventures. Plenty of people love bringing food with them on a camping trip because they don’t want to worry about cooking.

Use Cabbage Leaves to Save Meat

Not everyone is an expert in such cooking techniques, as it takes a bit of practice. So to stop your meat from burning, you can wrap cabbage leaves around it and enjoy your delicious meal!

Use Foam Floor Tiles

Make your camping trip more comfortable by using foam floor tiles as your tent floor. You won’t find these foamy floors anywhere on a campsite, and thus, it’s advisable to carry them with you when you’re leaving your home.

Use Foam Floor Tiles

These foam tiles are soft and will give you a bed-like feeling as if you’re sleeping in your bed at home.

Use a Jug of Water for Light

You might come across a visibility problem if you’re camping at dawn or night. It can become difficult for campers to travel during the night and to see clearly while in their tents.

Use a Jug of Water for Light

You can solve this problem by simply pointing your headlamp towards a jug of water which will turn out to be an instant source of light and act like a lantern. It’ll light up your entire tent with ambient light.

Try Tin-Can Sandwich Bread

You often starve for food during camping. To avoid this, make tin-can sandwich bread as an option for portable eats. This tin-can sandwich bread will fill your empty stomach and provide you with instant energy.

Try Tin-Can Sandwich Bread

It tastes fantastic and doesn’t acquire much space when you carry it with you in a bag.

Carry a Tick Deterrent

This is the most critical camping hack that everyone should keep in mind. Always carry a tick deterrent with you while going camping, especially in the woods.

Carry a Tick Deterrent

There are many insects in the woods whose bite can harm your body. Therefore, always carry a tick deterrent and apply it to the cuffs of pants, jeans, shoes, and socks to eliminate itching and redness.

Carry Seat Hammocks for Car Camping

Always carry seat hammocks whenever you’re going out car camping. A car hammock’s rectangular fabric has super adjustable side straps and corners which you can hook and wrap to the vehicle.

Carry Seat Hammocks for Car Camping

Once you’re done setting up the hammock, close the car doors, jump into your hammock and enjoy the ride in a comfortable car hammock!

Heat Your Sleeping Bag Using a Hot Water Bottle

Are you suffering from cold feet at night? If you are, fill a bottle with hot water and put it in your sleeping bag to keep your feet warm. Always bring Nalgene bottles whenever you’re camping outside. These are indestructible and can sustain hot water for long hours without melting!

Heat Your Sleeping Bag Using a Hot Water Bottle

If you have kids, remove the hot water bottle before they go to sleep. If you don’t want to sleep with a water bottle, pack the sleeping bags’ bottom with dry clothes. They’ll absorb the moisture at the bottom of the bag and keep your feet warm.

Bring Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are super soft and light in weight. These towels are super absorbent and dry easily, as you won’t get much time to dry your clothes whenever you’re on an outdoor camping trip. People prefer carrying these towels while camping because they’re light and require less space in a bag.

Bring Microfiber Towels

These towels work best on stains, grease, and smudged dirt when the towel is wet. The towel works extraordinarily well when you rinse and squeeze it out, as it requires absorbency to pick up a thick layer of dirt.

Face Cloth Soap Pouch

Camping and hygiene don’t always mix. Now, this hack for soap pouches makes it possible to maintain hygiene during outdoor camping trips.

Face Cloth Soap Pouch

Make dozens of pouches with one towel. Cut them using scissors, and sew them into small pouches so you can easily store a soap bar. Make one for each family member and carry them with you while going camping in order to maintain hygiene.

DIY Handwash Station

Outdoor camping brings you fun and joy but can sometimes deteriorate your health if you don’t maintain proper hygiene. Thus, it’s important to take care of your hygiene so that you can enjoy your camping trip. If we talk about hygiene maintenance, how can we forget that soap and water go hand in hand?

DIY Handwash Station

Having a hand wash station right before your base camp is suitable for sanitary purposes and will also save your sanity. Washing your hands before and after meals, and when returning from camping, is important.

Toothpaste Dots

Make single-use-sized toothpaste dots on a non-stick baking paper sheet or a paper plate and let them set. Either dissolve it with water or chew them for some time, so it becomes a squeaky clean fix to brush your teeth.

Toothpaste Dots

That’ll be a space-saver if you have a lot of things in your backpack. Maintaining hygiene is an integral part of our life. We shouldn’t forget it, even during camping days.

Backwoods Repair Gear

Those who spend a lot of time outdoors camping, including backpacking, canoeing, and fishing, should keep a repair kit. The kit varies according to the type of trip, but there are a few items you should always carry for outdoor camping.

Backwoods Repair Gear

Some of them include paracord, duct tape, multi-tool, and zip ties. A piece of aluminum tube can be a trip-saver, as it can slide over a broken tent pole. A lightweight magnifying glass will allow you to see what you’re doing while repairing something. And  thin wire is the most crucial and valuable thing you can carry.

Simple DIY Backyard Projects to Turn Your Outdoor Space Into Paradise

Pinterest // @kiyafries

Research shows that being surrounded by nature improves our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. For this reason, it only makes sense that homeowners around the world are looking for easy, budget-friendly ways in which they can upgrade their outdoor spaces. If you are looking to give your garden a new look, read our 30 DIY backyard hacks mentioned below.

Create Your Own Gardening Station

If gardening is one of your hobbies, it only makes sense that you should have your very own dedicated gardening station. The best part? Creating the station is as easy as reusing and painting two old barrels and a plank of wood.

Pinterest // @maisoncreative

Simply paint the barrels and wood any color of your choice and let them dry properly. Balance the wood on the two barrels to give yourself a rustic yet perfectly functional outdoor work desk. This easy hack will make all the difference to your gardening experience.

Design an Outdoor Plant Wall

One incredibly easy way in which you can bring life to your garden is by creating an outdoor plant wall. All you will need to do is choose a variety of colorful plants, pick out some colorful pots for them to go into, and choose which wall you want to makeover.

Pinterest // @homestoloveau

This hack is perfect for any homeowners who don’t have much floor space. Once you have picked your wall, use wall mount nails to hang your pot plants. If you really want a striking feature wall, you could even paint the wall a bright color first.

Add a Wind Chime

There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the gentle sounds of a wind chime while surrounded by nature. These easy-to-make garden decorations will bring a whole new element to your backyard paradise.

Pinterest // @etsy

Connect four to six hollow wooden sticks or thin metal pipes to a wooden disk using fishing wire. You will need a drill to make holes for the wire in the disk and sticks. Finally, make a hole for a metal hook (or a loop made from the same fishing wire) to hang the chime on a tree in your garden.

Create a Miniature Succulent Garden

Bring the desert to your garden with this easy DIY hack. Have you ever noticed those tiny figurines at your local gardening store? With just a few of those, some materials from your backyard, and some small succulent plants, you can create a miniature succulent garden.

Pinterest // @balconygardenwe

Simply fill a recycled bowl or pot with soil and plant your succulents of choice to create mini flower beds. Create a path using some small pebbles and lay out the figurines to create a mini scene.

The Easiest Tool-Cleaning Station

Working with dirty tools is not fun. Especially as the dirt will damage the tools in the long run, meaning you will have to replace your equipment more often. To combat this, you could create your very own tool-cleaning station with nothing more than a bucketful of sand and motor oil.

Pinterest // @byjillee

By inserting your metal tools into the oil-saturated sand after you are finished with them, all of the mud and dirt will be removed in no time at all. Plunge the tools into the sand a few times until they come out shiny.

Create Your Own Miniature Evergreen Garden

Mini conifers and perennials are two of the most popular miniature plants. If you want to add a mini garden to your outdoor landscape, you can create a petite flower bed with these two evergreens.

Pinterest // @bhg

Fill a pot or recycled bowl with soil, lay out the plants as you would like, and then cover the soil with sheet moss and gravel to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Concrete Paver Planter

These concrete paver planters will bring clean lines and a touch of elegance to your garden. All you will need to do is purchase some polyurethane construction adhesive and four pavers (in the size you would like your planter to be).

Pinterest // @bhg

Add the edges of the pavers and connect them to create a box. Wait for the adhesive to dry properly before laying the planter in your garden and filling it with soil. For a more rustic look, you could also whitewash the pavers.

Add a Bottle Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are basically a staple for every garden-lover. Create your very own bird feeder with a recycled glass bottle, a seed holder, and some copper wire wrapping. You will also need a metal hook to hang the bird feeder.

Pinterest // @bhg

Start by thoroughly cleaning the bottle before wrapping the copper wire in loops around it. Once you reach the top of the bottle, create a vertical spiral that can be used to attach the bottle to the hook. Finally, attach the seed holder to the bottom of the bottle.

Design a Living Succulent Picture

This hack may look complicated, but it is actually super easy. To create this living piece of art, you will need a variety of small succulents, a reusable picture frame, some chicken wire, and plywood.

Pinterest // @sunsetmag

Cut and glue the plywood to create a box the same size as the interior of the picture frame, and then glue the two together, with the chicken wire in the middle. Add soil into the box before trimming your succulents, arranging and planting them in the frame.

Create a Step Way With Log Slices

If you have a tree that you want to get rid of, you can use the trunk to create this rustic yet functional garden stepway. Simply chop the tree down, and you are ready to get started.

Pinterest // @romunozg

Once you have the trunk, chop it into smaller slices of about 2 inches in thickness. Lay them out across soil or grass to create a budget-friendly walkway. If you would like to add some color, paint the log slices a bright shade before laying them down.

Hanging Wooden Basket Flower Container

Have an old crate or basket that you don’t know what to do with? With just some wire or rope, you can create the perfect hanging plant for your garden. We recommend filling the basket with a colorful plant to really add some flare to your outdoor space.

Pinterest // @RMGardenista

Sand down the basket before adding some paint (in the color of your choice). Fill the basket with soil before adding your plant/plants. If your basket has holes in it, you can add a layer of moss before the soil to keep it from falling through.

Add Some Garden Orbs

If you have any dogwood branches left over after pruning, creating some garden orbs would be a creative way to put them to good use. Garden orbs are natural garden ornaments that will add an element of design to your outdoor space.

Pinterest // @bertrandjardin

Form a steady base with thicker dogwood branches by making two loops and overlapping them to create a ball shape. Use a bendable wire to secure the loops together. Start wrapping the remaining dogwood branches around the base to create the orb, routinely securing the branches with the wire.

Install a Pond Box

Ponds are always a fan-favorite in any garden. They are especially helpful if you want to add some water plants to your collection. You will need a crate (the bigger, the better), some waterproof plastic wrapping, nails, and glue adhesive.

Pinterest // @etsy

Cut out enough waterproof wrapping to cover the interior of the crate. Add glue to each side of the crate before sticking down the wrapping, nailing it in place along the edges once dried. You can then fill the crate with water.

Make Some Concrete Balls

Concrete balls are another straightforward way in which you can add some elegance and style to your garden. For this hack, all you will need is some styrofoam balls (in a variety of sizes) and cement or mortar mix.

Facebook // Concrete Balls and Finials

Start by mixing the cement/mortar. Use a paintbrush to coat the styrofoam balls with a layer of the mixture. Once dry, you may need to add another layer. If you are going for the white-washed look, use gentle brushstrokes, so add some white paint to the cement/mortar.

Upgrade Your Terra-Cotta Pots

Want to give your basic terra-cotta pots a quick upgrade? Make them stand out by adding a layer of brightly colored paint or, if you fancy yourself as an artist, some intricate patterns to make your pots the talking point of your garden.

Pinterest // @carmelamaass

We recommend using an eye-catching color that still looks classy, such as rose gold. If that’s still too basic for your taste, paint the pot a neutral color, and once it has dried, go over it with some floral details using brighter colors.

Pallet Garden Organizer

Having your garden tools properly organized is always a time-saver. It also makes the whole gardening experience a little bit less overwhelming. You can upcycle a cast-off pallet into a tool organizer that can be hung in your garage, shed, or wall.

Pinterest // @thisoldhouse

Simply start by sanding down the pallet. You can then stain it with the color of your choice before screwing in some hooks for a variety of tools. Don’t forget to attach a mount to the back of the pallet so that it can be hung.

Make Your Own Compost

Just about every gardener out there would recommend that you make your own compost. It’s easy and sustainable, and you will end up saving money in the long run. All you will need for this quick hack is a drill with a paddle bit and an empty plastic bin.

Pinterest // @remibmedia

Start by drilling holes into the bin in an even row and on all sides. These holes will allow air into the bin, enabling the compost to break down quickly. You can then go about filling the bin with any compostable items you would usually throw away.

Design Marbleized Pots For a Splash of Color

If you want every one of your pots to have a unique look, you should definitely try going for a marbleized effect. The pots will end up looking expensive and classy, but they only take an hour or so to decorate.

Pinterest // @gardengatemag

Select a variety of paint before pouring small amounts into a container of water. Once you have created a pattern you like, dip the pots into the water so that the paint sticks. Let the paint dry, and you will have a stunning new addition to your garden.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a brilliant way to add some dimension to your garden. If your outdoor space is on the smaller side, this is an especially useful hack. You will need a vertical piece of wood, such as a recycled door, sandpaper, paint/varnish, a drill, and screws.

Pinterest // @provenwinners

Start by sanding down the door before adding a layer of paint/varnish. Drill the screws into the door in whatever pattern you like. You can then simply hang your pots from these screws, creating a vertical garden that is sure to be a talking point in your backyard.

Add Some Dimension with Raised Flower Beds

If you have some new flowers that you really want to show off, why not build your own raised flower bed? By upcycling an old wooden crate, you can raise your favorite shrubs, making them the centerpiece of your backyard paradise.

Facebook // B&M Wooden Creations

Once you know where you want your flowers, lay down the crate, and if there are gaps in between the wooden planks, add a layer of moss to prevent the soil from falling through. It’s as simple as that! Just plant your flowers and admire your work.

A Solar Water Fountain

By simply adding a solar pump to any water container, you can create your very own solar water fountain! This hack would be perfect for a pond, but if you don’t have one, you could also create a mini water feature with a large bucket or even a wheelbarrow.

Pinterest // @kiyafries

Throw in some water-loving plants — such as Cardinal Flowers, Hostas, or Spiderworts — and this feature will be the main attraction in your outdoor space. Just make sure that the solar pump is in a location that gets enough sunshine.

Repurposed Patio Chair Flower Boxes

Instead of throwing away your old patio chair, give it a new life by adding a fresh coat of bright paint. Then, remove the seat to make space for a pot. The pot should be large enough that the outer rim balances on the edges of the chair.

Pinterest // @pattis-creations

Add some soil and colorful flowers of your choice to the pot, and you will have a brand-new decoration for your outdoor space. Throwing in fun pieces like this is a great way to spice up the area by adding an extra pop of color.

Rainbow Crate Wall

As we’ve seen, crates can be extremely useful when giving your garden a makeover. If you have an old shelf that you don’t know what to do with, you can use it to create a rainbow crate wall filled with all of your favorite colorful plants.

Pinterest // @thepapermama

Start by cleaning the shelf and painting it a neutral color so that the crates stand out. The more crates you have, the more colorful your wall will be. Be sure to choose striking paints that match the colors of your flowers.

Repurpose an Old Bathtub

Adding an old bathtub to your garden is an easy way to create a centerpiece because most people won’t expect it to be there. Many people like the rustic look, a mosaic finish, or they simply leave the tub as is, filling it with a variety of plants.

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However, you could also add some floral patterns to the outside of the tub, giving it a more delicate look. There are many ways in which you could decorate your new centerpiece — it’s all about your personal style and preference.

Add a Wooden Obelisk

An obelisk is a type of trellis that people plant over climbing vegetables and other plants. It is fully functional while also acting as a piece of homemade art in your garden. All you will need is some wooden sticks, a drill, and screws.

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Make three square bases with the sticks, each decreasing in size, and screw them in place. Then, use the remaining sticks to attach the three bases together, forming a long pyramid shape. You could also sand and paint the obelisk to finish it off.

Use Mason Jars to Grow Your Seeds

You can create your own herb wall using only mason jars, chicken wire, a staple gun, an old frame, and copper wire. This will not only make an eye-catching addition to your garden, but it is also practical.

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Use the staple gun to replace the back of the frame with chicken wire. Twist the copper wire around the rim of the jars, using the remaining wire to create a hook. You can then fill the jars with your seeds and hang them from the chicken wire for easy growing.

Include a Kids Garden

If you have a young child, chances are they want to copy you by helping out in the garden. That’s why you should give them their very own miniature gardening station so that they can feel involved.

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Use an old crate or trunk to plant a variety of easy-to-grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables. When the time comes, your child can help with harvesting, watering, fertilizing, etc. You could even get your little one some miniature tools for the job!

Protective Plant Cover

Sick of unwanted visitors ruining your plants? With just some chicken wire, copper wire, and 3 wooden sticks (cut them so that they are 5-10 centimeters taller than the plant you want to cover), you can protect your plants from rodents.

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Lean the sticks together, create a teepee, and use the copper wire to secure them together where they join. Cover your miniature teepee with chicken wire, using the remaining copper wire to attach along the length of the sticks and at the top.

Add a Budget-Friendly Stone Garden Path

A garden path is the perfect way to give your outdoor space an interactive element. It also doesn’t have to be an expensive project. At your local nursery, you should be able to get your hands on a bag of budget-friendly pebbles or stones.

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If you are going for a manicured look, start by outlining your path with square bricks or tiles. You could also simply use a path border, which is sold at any hardware store. Then, just fill in the cordoned-off area with your pebbles or stones.

Chevron Lattice Trellis

A chevron is used to help grow vegetable vines, such as cucumbers or peas. Most people just use a stick to help the vines grow upwards, but that won’t add anything to the aesthetics of your garden.

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Create a rectangular frame using four wooden posts and a nail gun to secure them in place. Then, add smaller posts diagonally across the frame to create a chevron pattern. This DIY project is both practical and stylish.