40+ Funny Cats Sleeping in the Weirdest Positions

This article appeared in Notfries and has been published here with permission.

Instagram // @worldfullofcats

Cats have a tendency to do strange things, like sleep just about anywhere, from boots and cacti to hard chairs and shoes. And thanks to the owners of these cats, we get to have a good laugh as we take you through a few pictures of funny cats sleeping in the weirdest positions. If you aren’t laughing by the end of these… Well, you will be, so let’s get started!

Mission Impossible Kitty

Have you ever found yourself so tired that you fall asleep in the weirdest possible position? This kitty did, and if this picture is anything to go by, we think it’s safe to say that it had a very good nap indeed!

Reddit // u/Vo1x

When the fatigue sets in, it is hard to fight it, which is probably what this poor kitty thought as it made itself quite comfortable between the couch and an end table. Kudos to the kitty for not falling through the cracks, so to speak.

Home Alone Shenanigans

Do you remember the tricks you used to get up to when you were home alone as a child? Whether it was watching something you weren’t supposed to or digging into the hidden snacks, we all did something we probably shouldn’t have.

Reddit // u/Ralph_the_Cat

And, in the case of this sweet kitty, they chose to take a nap in a rather surprising place while his owners were out for the day. What’s the weirdest place you’ve caught your cat taking a nap? Does it trump this one?

A Nice Soft (Flower) Bed

This next kitty mistook their new snack box as a bed as they made their sleep spot in a freshly planted box of oat grass! It was meant for a tasty treat and not a place for them to lay their head down for a nap.

Reddit // u/Amyzonian

But, we can’t really blame the cat, as we, too, would love to take a nap on that soft grass in the warm window box of this home. Maybe next time, the owners should plant their oat grass in smaller containers. Or, better yet, outside.

Not a Cup Holder

Modern cars have a number of nifty little gadgets to make your life easier, don’t they? Sure, older cars had their uses, but did they have cup holders big enough to hold a kitten? No, Sir, they didn’t!

Reddit // u/PYRO49

Who would have thought that a cup holder could be such a nifty little kitten holder when the need arises? Guess we have technology to thank for this sweet kitty’s sleeping spot. Because we love it, and you can rest assured that we will be trying this one out for ourselves.

Twinning Is Winning!

It’s the sweetest thing when your pets climb into bed with you for a snuggle, right? And while we’re sure that your own pets are pretty cute, are they as cute as this cat who is sleeping in the exact same position as their owner?

Reddit // u/Jake5857

This is one pampered pet who clearly has no problem making the bed their own as they stole the husband’s spot and then proceeded to copy the wife’s sleep position. Oh, the audacity of this sweet and comfy kitty.

Bed of Roses… errrr… Cactuses!

One of the more common places for cats to fall asleep is in plant pots, beds, and other soft areas that make for really good sleeping spots. But never, and we mean never, have we seen something like this next picture before!

Pinterest // @boredpanda

We present to you a cat sleeping in a pile of cactuses! And no, your eyes are not deceiving you — that is a 100% real cat sleeping on a 100% real cactus! The only thing we want to know is how the kitty has avoided being poked by any of the spikes!

You Can’t See Me!

Is this kitten trying to camouflage itself against this beige wall? Or was it playing and simply got too tired to carry on, and just went to sleep instead? Guess we’ll never know. But, we’re so glad it did and that there is a photo to prove it.

Pinterest // @premiumfunny

We would love to know what Fluffy might have been up to that made them so tired. And without any context, it could be anyone’s guess at this stage. But let’s use our imagination and come up with our own stories, shall we?

Gray Goofiness

This gray kitty takes the cake when it comes to sleeping in a weird position! And while he or she was provided with a perfect little kitty condo to call home, they clearly prefer sleeping with their head outside of the condo instead.


We wonder what sparked this weird sleeping position. The heat, maybe? Or does this kitty have a case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and really just wants to be a part of the action that goes on in the house?

A New Type of Flower

Would you just stop and take a look at this new type of flower growing in this person’s flower pot? Oh, wait. Our mistake. It’s not a flower at all, but rather a beautiful sleeping ginger cat. Silly us!

Reddit // u/seriousfuckinglee

Just like many other cats on this list, this kitty, too, decided that they wanted a comfy spot to lay down their weary head and catch a “catnap.” It just so happens that it had to be in their owner’s flower pot, and the flowers probably squashed too.

Three’s a Crowd

We just love the way that animal siblings tend to cuddle up close to each other when it’s time to sleep – regardless of how old or big they are. And this has to be one of the best pictures on our list of the funniest cats sleeping in weird positions.

Pinterest // @boredpanda

Pictured here is not one, not two, but three precious cats that clearly still love a good cuddle with each other at naptime. And the fact that they are striking the cutest poses is, well, just the icing on the cake for us!

Space Cat

We had to take a closer look actually to see the cat in this picture. And, boy, are we glad we did because the sight of this sweet little face hiding inside this person’s helmet is enough to make our hearts melt!

Reddit // u/CressCrowbits

According to the original poster, this sweet little black cat likes taking her afternoon or evening snooze in her owner’s boyfriend’s helmet every single time he comes around for a visit. All we can say is, “Sleep tight, little kitty!’

Sleeping Like the Dead

This next cat takes the phrase “sleeping like the dead” to the next level. According to her owner, there is very little that can disturb her while she sleeps, and that seems to be clear if the position she is in is anything to go by.

Reddit // u/bjjawhar

Don’t you wish that you, too, could sleep like that, even just for one night? We sure do! But, at some point, that kitty is going to fall on her head if she is not careful. We wonder if that will do the trick and wake her up.

Kitty, Are You Okay?

Imagine being sent this by your mother when you ask how your cat is doing when you’re not home. Don’t know about you, but we would wonder if our cat was really and truly okay if we had to see them doing this!

Reddit // u/Sofiechu

This looks rather uncomfortable, doesn’t it? Just look at how this cat is sleeping! It seems to be standing up and face-planting the cat tree. But yet it stays asleep! This is a puzzling one, indeed, but cute nonetheless.

Superman, Is That You?

Have you ever come across those kinds of photos where moms put their babies in funny poses so it looks like they are superheroes or flying or are mimicking Renaissance artwork? Well, this mom did that, too, except she has a different kind of baby altogether.

Reddit // u/Limbric

Introducing SuperCat — everyone’s favorite superhero. Well, that’s what it looks like to us, anyway. Others, however, have compared this picture of a sleeping kitty to Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” What do you think?

A Fluffy Face Mask

We’ve seen quite a few cats sleeping on their own by now, so this picture is a bit different as it shows a beautiful white cat lounging on its owner’s chest as it sleeps. But something is missing. And we are going to tell you what it is.

Reddit // u/vloss

Personal space! That’s what is missing! This poor cat owner is having to sleep with his cat practically on his face. We can’t imagine how comfortable that would be, but let’s be honest, we probably wouldn’t mind it either.

Waiting for Dinnertime

This poor cat owner was just trying to do the right thing by putting a timer on his cat’s food dispenser. And, if his chubby cat is anything to go by, we feel that he made the right decision after all.

Pinterest // @chocopudd

What he didn’t bargain on is that his cat would wait for his food and get so bored or tired doing so that he would fall asleep on the bowl itself. This is a perfectly timed photo if we do say so ourselves. Absolutely brilliant!

If it Fits, I Sits

Isn’t it funny how cats will try and squish themselves into the smallest spaces, even when you know for a fact that they won’t fit in there? This cat was not letting his size get in the way of his nap, especially when there was a toasty fire waiting to warm him.

Reddit // u/pzycho

Do you have any funny stories of your cat weaseling their way into small boxes or even shopping bags? And if you have, why have you not shared them? Who knows, your photo could appear in our next list of the funniest cats.

Where’s Waldo?

To be honest, we’re not too sure what is happening in this picture. Is the cat too big for its bed, or is it just more comfortable with the lower half of its body sticking out like that? Sigh. If only we spoke “cat.”

Instagram // @ragdolls_uuno_and_manu

Just like the previous cat on our list, this cat, too, has tried to worm its way into a rather small hole for a nap. And the result? A photo that his owner has proudly shared with the internet for the world to see.

When You Love the Wall

Cats love boxes, cat trees, laps, and now walls, as this photo shows this cat pressed up against the wall behind the TV cabinet, having a fat snooze. And, if we didn’t know better, we would think that his owners probably didn’t know he was there either.

Reddit // u/punchahyourbuns

What is it about cats and choosing these insanely weird hiding spots? Can they not just be like dogs and sleep in their beds or on a pillow on the floor? Well, of course not. They are far too majestic for that.

Spot the Kitty

Cats have a tendency to hide a lot, especially when they have their nap, which makes this picture even more incredible. At first glance, you might just notice the two ceramic statues holding each other in an embrace.

Facebook // Kittler

But look closer, and you are in for a surprise when you notice that there is a cat sleeping in the arms of one of the statues. Let’s say it all together now, “Aaaawwww.” Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Gotta Have Your Greens

Ha! You thought you could enjoy your lunch in peace? Guess again because your cat has its own ideas and probably thinks that your lunch consisting of a salad is a soft, cushy bed for it to sleep on. Poor human.

Facebook // NOVA Cat Clinic

Sure, we all know that cats love sleeping in containers or pot plants, but have you ever seen this crazy combination of weird places that cats sleep in? We certainly haven’t, which makes this picture the perfect addition to our list.

Scaredy Cat

Picture this: You slowly creep up on your cat to take a photo of them sleeping sweetly on your bedside cabinet. You think you’re being stealthy. And just as you are about to click that button, you wake your cat instead!

Reddit // u/ladymoonshyne

This is just what happened to this poor kitty. But, we must say that the results are rather hilarious as the owner managed to capture the look of pure fear and shock on the poor kitty’s face when they did so.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Isn’t it just the cutest thing when your cat snuggles up to you when you are taking a nap? Sure, it might not be cute for everyone, but for cat lovers, this is the best feeling in the world.

Reddit // u/SlothOnHoth

And that’s just what this cat owner thought when he took this photo of his fiance’ and his cat sleeping together on the couch. But let’s not forget to mention the best part – the fact that they are both sleeping with their mouths open.

How Do They Sleep Like That?

We have one question for this cat: How the heck do you sleep like that and not have a sore neck the next day? Do cats suffer from sore necks? Or is this just a human thing? We’ll definitely have to do some more research on the subject.

Instagram // @skylion317

Whatever the answer, we wouldn’t want to bother this sweet kitty from their slumber either, and would rather just do as the original poster did and take a photo and walk away. Who are we to ruin their nap?

Where’s the Cat?

Have you ever spent hours frantically searching for your cat, only to find that they have hidden away pretty much in plain sight to take a nap? It’s a cat owner’s worst nightmare. And the relief must be incredible!

Reddit // u/book_worm200414

This is just what this kitty did when they decided to hide away behind the pillows on their owners’ bed for a nap one afternoon. While we aren’t sure how long the search was, we do know that it must have taken a while to find them.

Oh, Kitty!

Imagine finding your foster kitten taking a snooze in one of your shoes! It’s enough to melt even the most manly people out there. This was what one cat foster mom came across while walking around her home one afternoon.

Pinterest // @boredpanda

We don’t know much more about the cat, unfortunately, but we can safely say that if this had happened to us, we would be dealing with a failed foster and would be adopting this sweet little cat in a heartbeat.

In the Laundry!

This has to be the most obscure place we have seen a cat take a nap. No, your eyes are not deceiving you – you really are seeing a cat lying in a washing machine surrounded by items of clothing that were clearly put in there for a wash.

Imgur // Hipsterbanana

We hope that the owner is used to checking their washing machine before they push that start button because this seemingly innocent napping spot could have some serious consequences if they don’t.


Forget that silly old Jack-in-the-box when you can have your very own cat-in-the-box! All you need is a cute little cat, a box of any shape and size, and a camera on hand to capture sweet moments like these.

Pinterest // @ebaumsworld

Cats really are strange little creatures, and we are grateful that they are because they make compiling lists like this (of the funniest cats sleeping in weird positions) possible. What would we do without them?

Over the Shoulder Feline Holder

Erm, excuse us, Kitty, but we don’t think that belongs to you! Can you imagine coming home to the sight of a cat asleep in your or someone else’s bra? We certainly couldn’t, but we are here for it!

Twitter // @sottdobrik

And yes, this actually happened. The original poster came home, looked for their cat, and found it asleep in their roommate’s bra. Talk about a weird sleeping spot, right? A bra, of all things. What’s next – cats sleeping in jeans or dresses?

Those Meow-nday Blues

Admit it – you have felt like this poor cat at one stage or another. But we have a secret to share with you – this cat is not moaning about a bad day. They are actually sleeping! Can you believe it?

Reddit // u/estherthegrump

We must say that this makes a pretty good poster for those who have the Monday blues, but we can’t help but focus on the fluffy belly and the tiny teeth sticking out. This picture deserves a spot in a frame on their owners’ nightstand.

Peek-A-Boo Kitty

A lot of people think that cats and dogs have somewhat of a love-hate relationship. And they’re not wrong if you think of how the relationship between cats and dogs is portrayed in movies and children’s shows.

Reddit // u/BoosterCogburn

But this picture here is one that is sure to change that perception, especially when you take a closer look and realize that there is a cat hiding between this dog’s fur and legs. Isn’t this just the sweetest thing you have seen today?

The Need for Space

Why is it that cats seem to focus on lying in one specific spot – probably uncomfortably at that – when there is a ton of space around them? Just look at this cat. All the space in the world, and she chooses to be squished against the side of her cat basket.

Reddit // u/frody1111

Silly kitty. But, if it weren’t for her quirks, we would have no content for our list of the funniest cats sleeping in weird positions. Thank you, sweet kitty. Stay as weird as you are, and keep making your owners (and the internet) smile.

Always Check Your Shoes

If you live in a country like Australia, chances are pretty good that you check your shoes for snakes and spiders before you slip your feet into them. But what about cats? Ever found a cat in your shoe?

Pinterest // @5minutecraftsfamily

Once again, we are blessed with an oh-so-cute snap of a cat sleeping inside a shoe, and this one definitely deserves a prize for being the cutest. Cat owners, always check your shoes! You never know what may be hiding in them.

The Couch is Mine

Summer has a tendency to make everyone hot and bothered. And this cat seems to be one of those who is bothered by the heat as they stretch themselves out along the couch to try and keep cool.

Reddit // u/buddyholly967

Sure, they could have chosen another spot and not taken up the whole couch, but that just wouldn’t be fun now, would it? Nope. This kitty has chosen this spot, and beware of anyone who tries to move them.

Cats and Blinds

What is it with blinds that always draws cats to them? Is it their shape? The material they’re made out of? Or is it just built into the cat’s psyche to play with the blinds in their owner’s house?

Reddit // u/shelbs724

We don’t have the answers to any of these questions, but what we do have is a cute picture that will make you realize that maybe, just maybe, they are also just looking for a cool place to hang out and think about life for a while.

Barbecue Dreams

Oh boy. This next picture is probably one of the cutest ones on this list and shows a sweet ginger kitten fast asleep in their owners’ barbecue cover. You know, that plastic dust cover that keeps your barbecue clean?

Reddit // u/Bigdaddydonavan

How it came to find this spot is a mystery, but we are sure that we can confidently say that this kitten is having the best nap of its life in this cool spot. We’re actually a bit jealous. Are you?

Soaking Up the Sun

If you know anything about cats, you will know that one of their favorite activities is to soak up the sun on the window ledge, couch, or anywhere that gets sun in your home. And boy, does it look like a fun thing to do.

Reddit // u/Kavalist

Rather than just position herself in a way that she will feel the sun on her neck, this cat has fallen asleep in a sitting position with her head stretched all the way back so that the warmth hits her whole chest and stomach. Ah, to be a cat.

Kitty Poses

We think it’s pretty appropriate to say that we will never ever understand cats and why they do what they do. Take this picture of this big and fluffy black and white cat, for example. It could be sitting absolutely anywhere, right?

Reddit // u/catamount1000

Right. But, instead, it chooses to sit on this step, its body at an angle to prevent it from slipping and falling down the stairs. Why not just move, kitty? It really is that simple. Oh, well. Guess we’ll just have to let it be.

Trashcan Kitty

Cats will sleep just about anywhere – and we dare you to challenge our statement once you get a load of this next cat on our list of the funniest cats sleeping in weird positions because this cat — ladies and gentlemen — is sleeping in a trash can!

Reddit // u/danielaine

While we can understand that it is probably nice and cool in there, we do hope that the owner uses it only for discarded paper and other office-type waste and not leftover food or tissues with boogers in them.

Decorum, Always

While we have seen many cats lying on their backs with their legs open in this list, this has to be the first time we’ve seen a cat that’s covering its own private bits with its tail. Cats don’t care about how they lie, but this one does!

Reddit // u/Redzeno2

Clearly, she’s a lady who is only trying her best to catch a nap in a comfortable position while still covering her lady bits. However, we can’t think why she would feel the need to. Oh, well, you just keep doing you, kitty.

Cat or Human?

Is this a cat? Or is it really a tiny human man wearing a catsuit who has fallen asleep on the couch watching the game? We were hoping the size would give it away, but we’re not all that sure, to be honest.

Reddit // u/Jayn88

Isn’t it strange how cats sometimes take on the traits of their human owners and mimic their poses? Don’t know about your cats, but this one definitely thinks they are the boss when you look at the position they’re in.

Puss in Boots

Country music stars, beware: there is a cat on the loose that WILL find you and make their bed in your cowboy boots! But, can you blame them though? Who wouldn’t want a comfy, warm spot to sleep in?

Reddit // u/Tuesdaymundy

We just hope that the owner of these boots doesn’t have smelly feet because otherwise, that kitty is going to come out of there smelling of more than just fresh leather and a bit of leather conditioner or shoe polish.

Shared Nap Time

It is incredibly hard not to look at this photo and immediately want a cat, right? We mean, look at it! Just look at this snuggly fat cat snuggled up to his human’s head while they both take a nap!

Pinterest // @lovemeow

It’s enough to make us want to run down to the pound or our local cattery and take a cat home for snuggles, right? Come on, you know you want to! So do it! Get yourself a fluffy cuddle buddy today!

Stretch and Sleep

Have you ever watched your own cat fall asleep stretching? Well, if you haven’t, you can now say that you have, as this is exactly what happened to this cat as they were taking a nap on their favorite chair in the living room.

Instagram // @worldfullofcats

The kitty clearly had a good stretch — and that’s as far as it went as it quickly fell asleep again, giving its owner the perfect photo opportunity. This is definitely one for the family photo album… if we do say so ourselves.

When Even a Chair Will Do

The last cat on our list is quite possibly the weirdest one we have shown you yet, and it’s not hard to see why when you look at him sleeping on his rock-hard tiny chair. Are you okay, Kitty? Because that doesn’t look comfortable at all!

Reddit // u/hellyanope

But, as we know by now, cats will sleep just about anywhere. And this photo is proof of that statement. He could have chosen anywhere in the house to sleep. But this is where he wants to be. Sleep tight, Kitty.

30+ Hilarious Reasons People Had to Take Their Pets to the Vet

Twitter // @PippityPip

People adore their pets to the moon and back. We all have tales of panic, zooming to the vet at the faintest sign of pet weirdness. The hitch with animals is that they can’t talk. Unless your pet’s a genius parrot, you won’t get a detailed report on their stomachache. So, there you are, shelling out a wad of cash to hear, “Yeah, sometimes they’re like that.” Sure, it’s a relief they’re not on their deathbed, but seriously, how about a little heads-up that you’re okay, buddy?

Not a Fan

It’s always pretty cool when you can spend some time with your family and your pets at the same time. So, we can understand why this woman would want to take her dog with her everywhere she went. Clearly, the dog had a different idea.

Facebook // dog inn baden

We’re really curious to know why the dog doesn’t like the sister so much. After all, who wants to throw up every time they’re going out? We feel sorry for the dog and even more so for the sister, who now has to worry about being judged by her sister’s pup.

I Need a Nugget

Let’s be honest; we all have foods that make us feel happy, and that we enjoy more than others. For some, it’s ice cream; for others, it’s chocolate. Apparently, for this dog, it’s chicken nuggets. But dogs don’t often get the choice to be so picky.

Facebook // Dog Party USA

We think it was more about something missing than what they were trying to feed them. We’re pretty positive that whenever they got their McNuggets, that dog’s tail started wagging like crazy. Perhaps a Happy (Puppy) Meal every now and then, owner?

Bee Trouble

You have to react really quickly when someone gets stung by a bee, and that includes your pet. So, it’s completely understandable that this person was very eager to figure out if they needed to help their pup.

Facebook // Michigan Dog Training

The dog should be in serious trouble for pulling this little prank on their humans. Though it’s funny, it’s definitely something that only a dog would do.

What Did You Say?

We’ve all had moments in which no matter what type of pet we have – whether that be a cat, a dog, or something exotic – we’re trying to tell them something, and we have this awful feeling that they’re just not hearing us.

Facebook // Zionsville Country Veterinary Clinic

That’s when we get scared. But this dog was just ignoring their owner. Apparently, they didn’t give a banana about what they were saying! We can’t help but chuckle at this one.

What’s That Sound?

Sounds from animals can be more terrifying than actual actions. This is because you’re never quite sure where that sound is coming from or why they’re making it. So, when your animal starts making unrealistic noises that are new, you might freak out a little.

Facebook // Teresa Giordano

That’s totally understandable! It’s funny that this dog was just backward sneezing. We don’t even know what that is, but it sounds ridiculous and hilarious. This pup is really a unique individual and we bet the owner loves them just the same.

Time for Exercise

It’s bizarre for us to think that there are dog therapists out there, but we guess all living creatures have anxiety and stress nowadays, so it makes sense. However, we’d hope that our therapist would have a little more tact than this one did.

Facebook // Dog Inn Baden

The way they described what was wrong with this poor pet seems pretty messed up. If we knew of someone who described our beloved pet like that, we might be looking for a new therapist.

Limping Along

Since most of us look at our pets as children, we get stressed out if something’s wrong. So, this dog was trading on that, and though it was wrong, we give him kudos for his acting.

Facebook // K-9 Kamp Dog Daycare

This dog should be in Hollywood because he had everybody going for quite a while. It seems like this four-legged furry friend is well on his way to an Oscar… And his owner is on his way to a mild cardiac arrest in panic and concern!

Stuck on It

We adults get pretty worried about our pets, but kids have an entirely different outlook on them. They can get pretty upset when their furry friend is not 100%, so we understand why this little girl was worried about her hamster. On the flip side, maybe she should have checked to see what that little furball was putting in his mouth.

Twitter // @eeveeluti0n

It really seemed like he was hungry and willing to eat just about anything. We hope that everything turned out okay, and we’re glad that there was nothing serious wrong with the hamster. Keep good eyes on your pets, kids!

Two Swipes!

It’s always a great relief to find out that whatever’s wrong with your pet is very easy to take care of. This person had a pretty easy time solving the problem, although it does seem like a lot of money to do a couple of swipes of a razor every month.

Facebook // The Oreo Cat

We’d probably have reacted the same way, honestly. It was a worthwhile investment to go ahead and buy that shaver. Diaper rash on a cat, though? We have so many questions left unanswered with this one!

Missing Vacay

How many of you get a little sad when you go back to work after a vacation? It’s a normal reaction, and the fact that this person wasn’t aware that that was what was going on, shocks us. Then again, we don’t necessarily think that our pets have all the same emotions we do.

Facebook // Michigan Dog Training

It’s cute actually that this pet was feeling the same feelings as his human. We’re sure it’ll just take a couple of days for the dog to get back into its routine. You know, back to the days of running around the yard and laying around doing his job instead of relaxing in the mountains.

What’s My Age Again?

Sometimes, if you wind up adopting or finding a pet that’s already older, you may have no idea about their age. Understanding their age, though, is super important, so it’s good this person went to the doctor to figure this out.

Facebook // Roundabout Dog Care

However, $800 seems a little high to figure out that your dog is eight years old. Oh well, at least they know now and can watch out for any issues that may arise from being a little on the older side.

Not My Thing

When you’re not looking, your pets can eat some pretty interesting things. Sometimes, it’s things that they love and know that you won’t give them. Other times, they’re things that they think might taste good but they wind up not liking.

Facebook // Daily Squared

This cat clearly found something they thought they were in the mood for. Turns out, whatever type of bug this was wasn’t what he was looking for. It made him sick enough that his human had to pay $400 to fix the problem. That must have been one toxic bug!

Upset Stomach

Going to the doctor can be pretty nerve-wracking. It’s not just humans that feel this anxiety when it comes to visiting a physician’s office. Clearly, this cat has some phobias regarding the vet. That being said, it’s messed up that they charged an extra $150 on top of the visit to tell them that the cat was a little anxious to be there.

Facebook // Gary The Cat

If we were this pet owner, we’d probably look for another vet because there seems to be something not quite right. If our cat was nauseous from the check-up, we’d question the vet’s bedside manner.

So Happy!

There’s nothing quite as cute as a kitten purring! We don’t know about you, but it’s one of our favorite sounds in the whole wide world. But if it’s nonstop, that doesn’t seem quite right. So, being a little worried as a new kitten owner is understandable.

Facebook // Carrier Animal Hospital

However, we’d be very upset if we took all the time to take a kitten to the vet, and all that was prescribed was to keep doing what we were doing. After all, the kitten is simply a happy little guy!

Watch Where You Sit

You have to watch where you sit, especially when you’re at the park running around. We know it’s probably hard to pay attention when you’re so excited to be outdoors, but still! And yeah, that could be a sentence about a human, but right now, we’re talking about a dog.

Facebook // K-9 Kamp Dog Daycare

It’s pretty pricey for a vet to charge for removing a piece of gum from the poor dog’s backside. At least the dog’s poops will be minty fresh now!


One of the hardest parts of having a puppy is training the hound to be able to use the bathroom appropriately. They’re kind of like kids, so you have to potty train them. When you’re doing this, you probably watch for all kinds of signs that maybe there’s something wrong. And this person thought they saw one.

Facebook // Cornerstone Animal Hospital

But what they were actually seeing was their dog learning how to play the game and get the treats they loved so much. That’s good for the dog and bad for the human. That’s one smart pooch you have there, human!

I’m So Excited

We’re very familiar with dogs drooling and panting a lot. That’s kind of what they’re known for, so it’s not surprising. But when a cat exhibits those behaviors, people freak out a little bit. But it’s nothing to worry about; apparently, it’s just excitement.

Facebook // Cats Time

That cat must be very, very excited, and honestly, we’re excited for him. We’d like to see it, though, because, as we said, not many cats are known for drooling and panting to the extent that they wind up at the vet. The owner must be a really good cat parent to have such a happy cat!

Not Good With Change

Now and then, changing up your environment is good for humans. After all, your tastes change, and things wear out, but maybe not in this household. This cat seemed to be very effected by change.

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It was almost like they were a little depressed and unfamiliar with their environment. We guess it makes sense. After all, the new items don’t have their scent on them at all. Poor baby!

Don’t Go!

When someone we love is going to take a couple of days away from us, it could be quite affecting. We might end up anxious and stressed out, and all we want to do is try to figure out a way to keep them right where they are – with us.

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We can understand why this dog was acting this way. Maybe the next time one of our family members or someone we love is going on vacation, we’ll try the limping method, too. If not, we’ll pack ourselves in their suitcase.

Check, Please

Having multiple pets is quite a responsibility. It makes everything doubly more important to keep an eye on. These two, though, definitely look like they’re up to something. We don’t know how the humans didn’t realize something was afoot.

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Although we do think the bigger dog looks a little more suspicious than the little guy, they both look like they’re partners in crime. As it turns out, there was nothing majorly wrong with either of them, except a serious case of being fake!

We Could’ve Told You That

The most straightforward answer to a problem is normally the right one. If these humans had paid attention to that rule, they wouldn’t have spent some money on something they didn’t need to.

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This little one needs to be a little more hydrated. Also, she’s of the more petite stature. That’s not a bad thing,  it just is the way it is. But Leela really needs to take her hydration more seriously!

New Space

Let’s be real, it always happens this way. You get sick, you get enough nerve to go to the doctor to fix the problem, and by the time you get there, the problem is halfway already fixed. At least, that is the case with most minor things.

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Why would it be any different for your cat? We’re just happy that the cat is better, and we’re sure their human is doing well too.


That feeling when you’re so full you think you might pop is a horrible feeling. Though you may have had a good time getting there – and we’re sure this dog did as well – it’s still one of those moments you probably want to forget.

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We’re not quite sure why a vet’s visit for a simple checkup would cost that much. It’s good that there was nothing really wrong. This person has to watch the puppy and make sure they don’t overeat again… And that none of his food goes up his nose in the process!

Fitting In

No one wants to be left out. Whether you’re a human or an animal, the idea of sticking out isn’t always a great thing, and most creatures want to be included. However, being included sometimes means being included in being sick.

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So, the fact this dog is coughing is understandable. But talk about being a drama king, right?! This dog has definitely got ‘family dog’ written all over him!

Just a Little Gassy

Screams of pain from any being can be pretty unnerving. But when it’s a little cat, it tears at your heartstrings. Rushing them to the doctor was the right thing to do, and fortunately, it was just gas.

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What was this cat eating that caused such distress? And when they say major gas, what did those humans have to put up with when the cat started letting them rip? We suspect fishy farts could be smelled from near and far.


When you first have any interaction with a human or a pet, there are going to be things you don’t know about them. But it’s so strange that this guy, even though he’s never had a cat, doesn’t know what a cat is like.

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We guess if you’ve never heard or seen anything about cats, it might be a little worrisome to hear a cat purring for the first time. After all, not very many animals shake and vibrate when they’re happy. Cute little purr bags!


You know, we can really empathize with this pup. There have been times when we’ve hit the gym and worked so hard that we wound up cringing in pain for the next couple of days. The only thing we’d say is that maybe the human should really allow their dog to take it easy for a couple of days.

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And what type of dog park are they going to? This seems like a really intense area with weights and kettlebells. Maybe a simple stroll through the park – a regular park – is the way to get their pup’s exercise in.

Can’t Reach

It’s quite something when a vet decides they want to fat-shame a cat. What has happened to this world where everything is about body image? Sure, she can’t reach a part of her back, but she has a human that could help her, you know!

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Maybe she’s just big-boned or curvy. Let the cat be, and let her live her best life. On the flip side, it’s about health, so you can be a plus-sized kitty only if you can be a healthy kitty, too.

How Do You Do This?

Taking a bite out of something and then realizing it’s not for you is a very tricky situation. Most of us can relate to this exact situation, but there’s never been a time when we forgot how to swallow. So maybe there’s more to this cat’s issues that need to be addressed.

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But $2,000 just for that seems to be pretty outlandish. Was this vet in Beverly Hills using gold-coated instruments? That seems like a pretty elevated price for just your run-of-the-mill vet. This has to be something like a vet for the stars.

Too Much

Some dogs become expensive as they age due to medical problems. These dogs take special humans to take care of them, and if you feel you’re overwhelmed, then perhaps giving them to someone else would be the right idea.

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This poor pup seems to have a lot of issues, so we hope that these humans are the right owners for this complicated pooch. They do deserve to be loved, even if they’re a handful… With a stapled stomach.

Happy Tails

One of the easiest and best ways to tell if a dog is super happy is to watch their tail. Sometimes, it doesn’t do anything. Other times, it goes so quickly that it blurs, and you’re not even sure they have a tail left anymore. We’re sure that’s what happened to this young dog.

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A day spent on the beach with an invisible tail wagging super hard has got to put a little stress on it. We hope it got well quickly because it sounds like they’re super excitable, and that tail needs to be in 100% good condition for them to be the vibrant pup they are.

Nothing Is Moving

Constipation is no joke! It can definitely be painful and, in the end, lead to a lot of problems. It can look like you’re in immense turmoil, and when you look down at the pet you love and see them in pain, that’s never a good thing.

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Once again, we clearly don’t understand what the prices are for a vet visit. This seems like a lot, and we’re sure they just told them that the cat needs to hydrate and eat foods that are going to cause them to begin to have bowel movements. Forget human health insurance costing a lot, just look at what animals cost!

It’s All Normal

There are so many questions we have about this situation. First of all, why was the human so interested in taking a look at their cat’s backside? And why didn’t they just use Google to see if it looked normal before they rushed it to the emergency room?

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You have to use the tools at hand so that you don’t wind up looking really crazy like this person did. Also, isn’t this considered butt-shaming? Poor cat!

There it Is!

Sometimes, all it takes is one little thing to fix you. It could be something so small that you didn’t even think of it. We’re sure that this human who was afraid for their pup didn’t think about the fact they could’ve just rubbed their belly and got their gas bubbles all taken care of and healed.

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We bet they wish they’d thought about it before they spent that $400. What do you think? Do you think they’re regretting not taking the time to consider that when they look at their depleted bank account?

So Scary

There are just some dogs that are very scared of just about anything. But usually, they don’t shiver uncontrollably like this pup did. So, it’s very understandable that their human was worried about them being sick. However, we understand why the dog was so scared.

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After all, how many of us have been terrified by someone sneaking up behind us and popping bubble wrap? Now, imagine that going on incessantly. We hope that the adults in this situation had a good talk with the children and that they learned not to do that around the dog anymore.

Too Cold

It’s always nice to be warm. This dog, like a lot of humans, can’t always be warm because of the weather conditions. That’s where tools like the heating pad come into play. Though it does look like he’s a little pampered, that’s okay because, well, he’s a cute little puppy, and it makes sense to spoil him.

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We hope that the human bought another one for themselves because maybe they’ll get cold too. Odds are this pup isn’t going to share his!

You Need Some Ginger

There are a lot of things that cats shouldn’t eat. Unfortunately, as humans, we don’t always know what they are, and sometimes cats sneak them when we’re not looking. This cat was sneaky enough to get himself a little bit of corn, and apparently, his system wasn’t built for it.

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So, the cat did it to himself, but in the end, the humans were the ones who had to pay for it. Sometimes, bad things seem like a good idea when you’re doing them, whether you’re a human or an animal.

They Do That

Having a reaction to being scared and in a place that you’re unfamiliar with is something we can all relate to. When a cat does this, they begin to act out in physical and auditory ways. It isn’t very comforting, but in the end, they wind up calming down once they get calmer and feel safe.

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This person could’ve probably saved quite a bit of money if they’d just considered that. Eventually, took the kitten to a doctor. They might have been able to skip that, and it could have been a little less impactful on not only their wallet but on the cat’s whole personality.

Brand Diva

There are a lot of different types of pets out there, but no matter what pet you have, you’re always going to have those that are a little bit more of a diva. Those who are picky and only respond to certain things can certainly cause concern.

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Just like a human, everybody has their favorite tastes and preferences, and this fluffy little bunny was expressing her right to have the brand of food she wanted. We can hop onto that way of thinking!

Bathroom Break

We wouldn’t choose to have a hen as a pet, but hey, everybody has their thing. That being said, if you love your pet, you’re going to take care of it, and Mabel seems to be very loved by this person.

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Mabel also seems to be a hen that may get a little constipated when nervous. And maybe when she’s a little nervous, she also does her business, wherever she is. It seems like this may be a hen who isn’t sure which road to cross.

What Is That?!

When you think of phobias, you don’t often think of animals having them. But they can be as afraid of things as we are. And sometimes, just like this horse, things can happen that create phobias well after they’ve left their formative stages.

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For a horse, though, being scared of the ground seems like it might be a hard situation to handle. We would’ve been interested to see how this phobia played out, and all we hope is that when it did play out, the horse was able to be kept safe. And the rider too, of course!

Outta Spite

This bird has definitely got a bit of an attitude! How smart are they that they were able to figure out that the way to get back at their human is by doing this? Also, why? What is this human doing that this bird feels deserves such heinous treatment?

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We think maybe these two need to go to some couples therapy rather than the vet because something is clearly wrong. We’ve seen videos about birds striking back against humans… This may just make the cut.

So Disappointed

Even cats can be disappointed, as they have feelings and emotions, too. Humans need to really understand that. When you get in a fight and you don’t win, you feel a little lost and depressed, right? You play things over and over again in your mind until you can rationalize what happened.

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Well, that’s all this poor little cat was doing. Unfortunately, their human didn’t quite understand that. That’s more the human’s problem than the cat’s!

New Activity

A lot of the time, when we’re worried, we don’t think about the smallest details. This person was worried about their cat and didn’t think about the fact that the cat was getting a bit more exercise because they lived in a bigger house.

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This is a good thing, and though he did spend $500 to figure that out, at least it was a positive response. It could’ve been something way worse; this is a good thing.

The Gall

Holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about your family’s pets. We would’ve been completely freaked out if we had arrived at our aunt’s house and found her dog unable to move. We would’ve done precisely what they did. This dog was playing a game.

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It seems like dogs are able to really lay on that guilt when their humans do what they don’t want them to do, like leave them behind over Thanksgiving. But dogs are cute enough that we’re sure that everybody forgave the pooch.