Feast Your Eyes on These Amazing Vintage Photos

This article appeared in www.pensandpatron.com and has been published here with permission.

These vintage photos will bring you back to the past. They say a picture’s worth a thousands words and these really put that to the test.

Ladies Strutting – London, 1930s

There is no denying that these ladies were dressed for a big occasion. It appears that they had just been dropped off at their desired location and were caught on camera while walking that last 100 yards to the venue. The end result was what many musicians today would be proud to have as an album cover. Remember the classic scene from Reservoir Dogs with the crew walking in slow motion down the street? These ladies were the original Reservoir Dogs.

vintage 12
Reddit // u/OldSchoolCool

Man Riding Harley – 1955

The leather jacket and the greased up hair. If you weren’t rocking these two things in the 50s, then you just weren’t cool enough. Being a skilled rider of a motorbike was just the cherry on the cake and a perfect excuse for a vintage photo like this one. If you’ve seen the movie Grease, then you might mistake this guy for Danny Zuko. The only difference is that not even John Travolta’s character rode a Harley.

Reddit // u/OldSchoolCool

Holding Hats in the Wind – Philadelphia, 1947

The truth is that this photographer probably couldn’t have captured such a great image if he tried. As these individuals made their daily walk to the office, they all held their hats in unison, implying that the wind was just a bit too wild at that very moment. At any minute, their hats could have blown off their heads, so they were all forced to put a hand on their heads. As vintage as it comes.

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Date Night – 1950s

When it comes to dating, things have changed a lot. Nowadays, it is considered more normal to dress more casual and go to more formal places for your first date. However, back in the 1950s, it was pretty standard to do the opposite: go to a classic American diner dressed in your finest attire. We find this couple absolutely adorable, as the man holds the milkshake for his date to have a taste. Dating is just not the same anymore.

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