Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

Sometimes, marriage is more of a discovery than a destination. And in such cases, what you don’t know today, can hurt you tomorrow. So, it’s not prudent to avoid difficult questions before marriage, only to get blindsided by them in the future! Instead, honesty in asking and answering these following questions can build the foundation for a steady and happy marriage.

Will Past Romantic Experiences Make or Break Our Marriage?

This is hands down the most important subject matter to openly discuss between two people before tying the knot. It’s very important to have an idea about the effect of individual experiences with exes on the conjugal relationship. Such experiences can help or hinder a marital journey. According to relationship experts, the only productive way to have such conversations is to agree to accept the obvious fact that the other person had a life before the marriage.

When Do You Want to be Alone?

Being alone here means keeping individual autonomous areas of choice. Going into marriage, many people want to keep their individual privacy intact in certain areas of their lives. That means they may be reluctant to share their friends, hobbies, or some private activities with their spouses. This can lead to feelings of rejection, suspicion, and subsequent tension between couples if it isn’t discussed beforehand. To bring such conversation to the table without any awkwardness, relationship experts suggest simply asking the partner about the needed or preferred time to be left alone.

What is Your Language of Love?

This may sound generic, but it’s a concept that actually varies from couple to couple. According to relationship experts, categorizing expressions of love is helpful in strengthening a marriage. Based on personal preference, languages of love can differ in couples, like showing affirmations, spending quality time together, giving gifts, acts of service, physical touch, etc. Knowing each other’s preferred love language can help the couple work out a way to nurture their marital relationship, in a way specific and special to both of them.