Henry Goulding’s Stylist Shares Tips to Look Like a Celeb, Even While on a Budget

Celebrities don’t roll out of bed ready to face the cameras. They’re made to look that way after a dedicated amount of time, money, and of course, a celebrity stylist. Stylists are people who are responsible for a celeb’s entire look, from styling their hair to ensuring that their skin is looked after. One such stylist is Melissa De Zarate, stylist to stars like Henry Golding, Andrew Garfield, Kunal Nanjiani, and Machine Gun Kelly. Even with these handsome men at her disposal, De Zarate’s job is not easy. Over the years, the stylist has amassed an array of tricks that can be used to achieve the looks that these celebs sport, even while on a budget. Here is how you can achieve the red carpet look, at home.

Deep Condition Hair and Beard

According to De Zarate, deep conditioning all your hair once a week is a must, in order to make it soft and silky. She suggests washing the beard and the hair at least three times a week with regular shampoo and then topping it off with a conditioning mask. This routine is not very time-consuming – some masks need to sit for as little as five minutes – but they can make all the difference in your hair. You can find many budgeted options of masks available.

De-Puff Your Eyes With Patches

If any of her clients have had a late night right before a show, the stylist turns towards her trusty eye patches to de-puff and hydrate them. These budget-friendly eye packs should be applied before you put any product on your face and should sit on your face for a while to fully do their work. Pop them in the freezer for a while before you use them, so they’re nice and cool when you need them. You’ll notice an immediate difference in your eyes.

Treat This Multipurpose Trimmer Like the Holy Grail

The Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer & Detailer can be found on Amazon for a mere $12, but according to De Zarate, it can change the game for you. This multipurpose tool can trim your nose hair, sideburns, and neckline. This mini groomer is one of De Zarate’s favorite tools and helps clean your beard in straight lines, apart from its other uses. It fits perfectly in almost everybody’s budget and is something that ensures that you’re well groomed all the time, even on the go.

Exfoliate Your Skin For the Glow

Men often ignore the importance of exfoliating in their skincare routine. Exfoliating gives the skin a chance to breathe again by getting rid of all the dead skin on top. Use an exfoliating scrub or chemical along with a bath mitt to get the best results. These items can be found almost everywhere and won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Ditch the Hair Gel

With so many new and amazing products on the market, hair gel has become obsolete. Opt for more hydrating and moisturizing creams that keep your hair healthier. Especially if you’ve curly hair, a curl cream can do wonders for your locks and totally change the game, all on a budget.