The Mediterranean Diet Has One Big Fatal Flaw

A Mediterranean diet has many, many benefits. The taste is amazing, the health benefits are superb and life-altering. Dieticians can’t stop praising the diet of these seaside areas. But amidst all the hype lies a big flaw – the Mediterranean diet is inclusive of only one part of countries lying alongside the sea, while blissfully forgetting to include all the other amazing diets from the coastline.

The Diet

When we talk about Mediterranean food, we mostly think of food from Italy, Greece, France, and Spain. However, there are 21 countries on the coastline and the globally popular Mediterranean diet often ends up excluding those. Apart from these European countries, other such amazing food comes from the Middle Eastern countries Like Turkey and Lebanon and Northern African countries like Morocco and Egypt amongst others. Even though many of these 21 countries do share an overlap in terms of flavor and preparation, every country brings something unique to the table that is often overlooked.

The Difference

The food that is mostly spoken about when talking about this diet is the one found in the four famous countries like seafood, olive oil, pasta, and veggies. However, every country is a unique dining experience unto itself. Lemon-and-caper flavored cuisine of Southern Italy does not come close to the flavors of the spicy dishes of Morocco. The different countries also have different drinks that are the go-to beverages for the locals. In Turkey, the Turkish Tea, or Cay, can be found at almost everything from weddings to work meetings. In Italy, the beverage of choice is espresso while in Tunisia it’s mint tea. However, the entire Mediterranean diet has one thing in common, they put emphasis on high-quality fresh ingredients and simple preparations. Their ingredients include tons of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lentils, beans, seafood, and heart-friendly olive oil.

The Solution

All these rich and varying flavors of the Mediterranean are forgotten when we look at the global diet followed in its name. If you’re looking to try your hand at cooking and are fond of Mediterranean flavors, there are many others worth exploring. The diet is full of amazing health benefits that can go a long way. Some of the amazing foods to try are the Israeli Burnt Eggplant, Egyptian Lentils with Rice and Pasta, the Moroccan Shakshuka, and of course, the Lebanese hummus! Once you start exploring, there is no end to the number of amazing and delicious gems you might unearth.