30+ Pampers Hacks New Moms Need to Know


When it comes to being a new parent, there’s a lot that you have to learn on the job. Luckily, there are a lot of parents out there who have been right where you are and have some key tips. This is especially true for the moments no one could really prepare you for, like diaper changes.

Stay Right There

The first rule of thumb to avoid disaster during diaper changes is to stay with your baby the whole time. They shouldn’t be unattended for a second!

Pexels // Emma Bauso

If they’re on a changing table, you never know when they’ll try to show you that they learned how to roll over. Staying close can avoid bumped heads and a few tears! Plus, even if they’re safe on the floor, you don’t want to see the mess a baby can make mid-diaper change, given the chance.

Prepare for the Smell

Let’s be honest for a second, you love your baby, but no parent loves the smell of their poop. So, what can you do other than hold your breath?

Pexels // Adrian Stancu | Reddit // u/thehaikuza

There is! One thing that some parents have found is the best way to avoid this is to swipe something strong smelling under their nose, like Vick’s, to block out the smell. Then, you can dive in and clean up that dirty diaper without fighting your gag reflex the whole time.

Set Up the Changing Station Near the Sink

If you have the option, it can make your life a lot easier if you can set up your changing station somewhere that you can quickly wash your hands before getting down to business.

Instagram // @misis.ong

If you don’t have the option, don’t fret! You can always make things work in a pinch by adding a bottle of hand sanitizer to your baby supplies. The idea here is to go in with clean hands so you can avoid introducing anything irritating that might be on your hands.

Multi-Story Home? Multiple Changing Stations

Your baby doesn’t really care where you are in your home — if they have to do their business, that’s exactly what they’re going to do.

Reddit // u/natutupi | Instagram // @windelfan72022

If you have more than one floor in your home, it’s a good idea to set up a changing station on each floor or at least have a portable one you can carry with you. After all, running from floor to floor is exhausting and not as quick when you’re cradling a baby in your arms.

Ask for Diapers in a Few Sizes

If you’re asking for baby items before a shower or just as you prepare your home, the goal here is to think ahead.

Reddit // u/prettycote

A lot of parents ask for diapers only to end up with a mountain of diapers for their newborns. The problem is that babies grow. If you’re setting up your own wishlist or picking out something for a friend who’s expecting, try buying them newborn Pampers and some the next size up.

Get Everything Together First

Once you open your baby’s diaper, you probably want to work as quickly as possible to get them cleaned up and in a new diaper before they lose patience with the activity.

Pexels // Sarah Chai

So, if you want to cut down on time for the mess to get even bigger or your baby to get distracted, you’ll want to cut down on the number of mid-task breaks you need to take. Try making sure you have what you need ready to grab — including clean diapers, wipes, cream, and new clothes if you need them.

Putting Them On

Let’s be honest — even if you took classes and practiced to try and figure out exactly how to change a diaper properly, you might second-guess yourself the first few times.

Mommy’s Bundle

Luckily, Pampers helps to take the guesswork out of the situation. If you’re having trouble, take a look at the lines on the Pampers you have. These are a guide as to where to stick the straps of the diaper for a fit that’s snug but not uncomfortable.

Another Tip for Those Guides

Those guide lines do more than just tell you where to put the straps, though, when you change a diaper. Once you do it a few times, you might not even have to reference them too much.

Instagram // @solucoesparamamasoficial

However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to ignore them entirely. At the end of the day, if you notice that you’re having any trouble getting them to meet that line, then you’ll want to go up a size in diapers. It’s handy since babies can be bigger or smaller than the average size by month.

When to Tuck the Diaper

When your baby is born, the doctor will snip the umbilical cord, officially making it independent of you. Well, only physically, they’re going to depend on you a lot for a while, don’t worry!

Pexels // Polina Tankilevitch

That doesn’t mean it’s all gone right away. There’s a little bit there that you’ll want to let fall off on its own in time. To avoid irritating the area or introducing any mess to it, you’ll want to make sure you tuck the front of your newborn’s diaper down to keep it away.

Use the Indicator

If you take a closer look at your Pampers, you’ll notice a yellow strip down the front. If you pay attention, you might notice it’s blue when you change them later.

Mommy’s Bundle

That’s because gone are the days of taking a peek or, even worse, having to smell your baby’s bottom to know if they need a change. That yellow strip turns blue when your baby has peed, so it’s a great way to tell at a glance when they need your help with a quick change.

Give Them a Second

As a new parent, you might think that the minute you see your baby making that tell-tale face, it’s time to rush to the changing table.

Pexels // @Keira Burton

Actually, while you want to change them as soon as possible, try to give them a second to finish what they’re doing. Just like any adult, they need time to, well, do their business. It’s only going to create a nightmarish mess if you start to take the diaper off while your baby is still going.

A Purpose for Those Ruffles

You might notice when you’re changing your baby that there are ruffles at the leg holes of the Pampers you have. This isn’t just to give your baby one a fancy Shakespearian style either.

Pexels // @William Fortunado

When you next change your baby’s diaper, make sure you fold these ruffles outward. This extra small step will help you out in the long run. Brands like Pampers add these ruffles because they can help you keep some more baby poop in the diaper rather than causing an even bigger mess.

A Little Extra Protection

Even with all the hacks in the world, your baby will eventually find a way to make a shocking mess. You might wonder how exactly they can pull off the messes they make.

Pexels // @RDNE Stock project

In the cases when you don’t want to risk getting, well, you-know-what on everything around your baby, you can try to contain the mess by changing them with another diaper open and ready underneath. You can also use this trick for quick diaper changes when things aren’t too messy.

Baby’s First Poop

One thing that seems to shock every new parent is how difficult it is to clean up your newborn’s first really dirty diaper. We can assure you that they won’t all be like that.

Pexels // Sarah Chai | Reddit // u/PlasticGirl

There’s a lot of stickiness in that first diaper, and it can seem impossible to get it all off without scrubbing your poor baby’s delicate skin. The good news is that you don’t have to do that. A little bit of coconut oil works wonders in getting any mess off their skin.

Helpful Onesie Flaps

Have you noticed when you get your little one dressed up in your favorite onesie, there are little flaps on the shoulders? This isn’t just a pointless design choice.

Reddit // u/GrfxGuy79 | Pexels // Serhii Demchenko

When you dress your baby, you probably pull their onesie over their head and button it at the bottom. If there are soiled Pampers in your way, what can you do? Well, these flaps are there because they let you pull the onesie down when you need to get it off another way.

Another Helpful Onesie Hack

If we’re being honest here — your baby might need diaper changes to stay clean and healthy, but they aren’t always super cooperative throughout the process.

Pexels // @RDNE Stock project

Plus, with hands so quick to go into their own mouths, there are some things that you just don’t want them to touch. To keep their hands away from the mess in their diapers, you can roll the onesie up so that their arms are comfortably rolled into it to prevent any problems with little wandering hands while you change them.

Use a Mobile During Changing

There are a few things that are pretty difficult to deal with when it comes to changing Pampers. It only gets harder when your infant isn’t interested in helping you out by staying still.

Pexels // Karolina Grabowska | Reddit // u/Room568

What can really help here is the chance to distract and entertain them so they don’t wiggle or roll away before they’re all dressed again. While mobiles are often used for cribs, you’ll want to consider using one over your changing station to keep them distracted!

Or Do It Yourself

Having toys that are set aside for changing times is a great idea, but if you’re in a pinch and need advice you can implement right now, there are other things you can do.

Pexels // Polina Tankilevitch

Another way to keep their attention and keep them where you need them when you’re changing your baby’s diaper is to entertain them yourself. After all, they are pretty interested in you, so it isn’t too hard. Talking, singing, or just making soothing noises are all great ways to keep your baby entertained for a few moments.

Pair Pampers with Nightgowns

When you have a baby, you already know that sleeping through the night is a bit of a far-off chance. So, why not do what you can to make it a little easier in the night?

Instagram // @simplysweetkids | Pexels // Sarah Chai

For instance, using nightgowns as pajamas can help you make diaper access for changes a lot easier. However, it’s crucial to choose something sleep-safe. You don’t want to put your baby to bed at night with any excess fabric that could pose a danger overnight, and make sure the baby won’t get too hot!

In General, Avoid Buttons

If a nightgown isn’t possible for you, there are more options when it comes to an easy outfit for any nighttime messes.

Pexels // Ketut Subiyanto | Reddit // u/DefnotBeth

In general, opt for pajamas that don’t have buttons and snaps. While that onesie with a series of colorful snaps or buttons might be cute, the pajamas with a zipper will prove a lot easier to get off quickly when you find yourself in a mess.

Add a Nightlight to Your Changing Table

When you need to change your baby’s diaper at night, the last thing that will soothe them quickly back to sleep is a harsh light. Not to mention, it’ll wake you right up too.

Reddit // u/BeccaBug14 | Pexels // Keira Burton

If you want to keep things nice and cozy while you get your baby settled into a new Pampers diaper, try adding a nightlight to your changing station. This won’t wake everyone up and make it even harder, but it’ll give you some light to see by.

Grab a Portable Changing Mat

One thing that you learn when you become a new parent is that the diapers alone aren’t enough. So, which of the accessories on the market do you see that are worth your while?

Pexels // Sarah Chai

Well, you might want to pair your Pampers with a portable changing mat. This way, you always have somewhere to change your baby since they don’t exactly work on your schedule. Want to hear a secret? A potty pad for pets is a great disposable, portable surface for messy diaper changes too.

Portable Diaper Bag Hack

They sell disposable diaper bags that you can use to wrap up a dirty diaper and throw it out. These can be particularly handy when you have to do a quick diaper change on the go.

Pexels // MART PRODUCTION | Reddit // u/jordanlarkchi

Then again, those things are expensive! If you haven’t noticed, things that are labeled for babies are pretty pricy. There are cases when you can find something that works just as well that isn’t labeled as for babies. For instance, there’s no reason you can’t toss dirty diapers in pet poop bags.

Don’t Get Peed On

Okay, let’s be honest — this is an unfortunate experience that almost every parent has had. You think your baby is finished, only to unfasten their Pampers to get peed on.

Pexels // Emma Bauso | Reddit // u/QuickRawr

There’s actually a hack that some new parents swear by to avoid this. When you lay your baby down, put a cool wipe on their belly before you undo their diaper. This will encourage them to go before you open the diaper.

Another Way to Avoid It

This tip might not be as useful for newborns because they still use the bathroom in their sleep without any hesitation. As your baby gets older and becomes closer to a toddler, things might be different.


Some older babies tend to pee less in their sleep but might still use their diaper as soon as they start waking up. To avoid getting peed on and to make the whole process a little less jarring, you can give them a minute to wake up before jumping into the diaper change.

Skip the Cloth Changing Pad

When you’re choosing a changing pad for your new family member, you have a lot of options. Among them, you’ll see the option of a cloth mat.

Reddit // u/SlappingDaBayze | Reddit // u/prettycote

Even if this cover is removable and washable, you have an easier option to pair with your Pampers. Instead, try out a waterproof changing pad. This way, instead of waiting for it to come out of the washer, it’s easy to wipe down and disinfect between uses.

If You Prefer Cloth

For those that find cloth changing pads are your preference for one reason or another, we have a handy hack for you too.

Nicki’s Diapers // Nicki’s Admin | Reddit // u/Drxconic

If you keep a cloth cover on your changing station, don’t be afraid to layer up. That way, you can just remove the top layer without having to remake the station every time. Plus, there are definitely some messes that you’ll want an extra layer of protection for.

Add a Layer

As a baby gets a little bit older, it might be harder to keep them in just a diaper and a t-shirt. Some kids seem determined to get their diaper off if they can.

Pexels // Ketut Subiyanto

In these cases, a layer of clothing over the Pampers can help. A onesie is a great option here, but some comfy, fitting pants can help make sure that they aren’t as tempted to reach down and rip it off.

Be Proactive

There are some things that parents hate to have to see their kids deal with, but they are pretty common, like a diaper rash. Common doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it.

Pexels // Karolina Grabowska

Luckily, there are some ways to be proactive and try to prevent bouts of diaper rash. Some parents find that it works to put a little diaper cream on their baby’s bottom with each change rather than using it just after the diaper rash has reared its ugly head.

Create an Emergency Stash

Think about the times that you’ve been so hungry, and you reach for your favorite snack in the pantry only to realize that it’s an empty box. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

 Image by pvproductions on Freepik

Now, up the stakes. You have a baby with a poopy diaper, and you reach over to grab another, only to realize that there’s nothing there. What can you do? Creating a small stash of diapers in another spot for emergencies is really handy here. Even just three or four extras can be lifesavers.

Roll Up Dirty Diapers Carefully

When you’re doing a diaper change and are ready to toss out the dirty diaper, you don’t want to just throw it out like it’s a paper towel you used to wipe up some water.

Image by Freepik

There are a few reasons you want to make sure you tightly roll up dirty diapers. For one, it keeps everything contained and while you start to get used to it after a while, there are health risks to the germs in baby poop being everywhere. Plus, it’ll help keep the smell a smidge better contained too.

Roll the Wipes Into the Diapers

With the tip we just looked at to help contain any contamination and some of the smell, you’ll want to make sure dirty wipes are inside the diaper when you roll it up.

Reddit // u/xAIRGUITARISTx

Without these wipes just loose in your diaper pail, you might notice a marked improvement in the smell in your nursery between the times you take the trash out. Plus, it leaves less of a chance for a mess, too. No one wants to accidentally drop a dirty wipe on the carpet mid-change.

For an Extra Barrier

If just rolling up the diapers isn’t enough to contain the smell for you, don’t be afriad to add an extra layer of protection between dirty diapers and the open air.

Reddit // u/awkwardxpandaa

For instance, the plastic bags you might toss your baby’s diapers in don’t have to just be for on-the-go changes. You can use disposable diaper bags or even pet poop bags to help wrap the diapers up even tighter before you throw them in the diaper pail.

Put Your Changing Supplies on Wheels

One thing that is great news for, well, everyone but parents can take special advantage of is the vast supply of storage items that are on teh market.

Image by peoplecreations on Freepik | Reddit // u/Majorpain2006

When you’re looking at options to store changing station supplies, you might want to consider the chance to choose something with wheels. After all, there’s no guarantee that your baby will have their next blowout, so it’s a lot easier to make the supplies portable.

Nighttime Pampers Aren’t Just Marketing

If you are out shopping and see some Nighttime Pampers next to the ones you pick up for during the day, we promise this isn’t all marketing to try and get you to buy more diapers!

Pexels // Eman Genatilan

In actuality, these diapers are bigger and thicker so that they can last through the night. If you don’t have any nighttime Pampers on hand, you can also double-up on diapers to catch any leaks.

Keep Calm and Fun

Okay, this tip isn’t the easiest. After all, it might take some practice to see a disaster in your baby’s diaper and keep a straight face.

Pexels // William Fortunato

The goal here is to not let your baby know exactly how stressed you are by this whole process. Babies react a lot to how their parents seem, so if you seem restless and on the verge of breaking down during changes, you may have to handle an even less cooperative little one.

Scout Ahead of Time

There are times that your baby will need changing at a less than-opportune time. Plus, you aren’t always home when things go down.

Pexels // Daniel Torobekov

If you’re off for a day out at the zoo or even just dinner at a restaurant, it’s a good idea to navigate where family bathrooms with changing tables are. That way, when the need strikes, it’s a lot easier to make a beeline to a new diaper.

Learn When to Expect Them

There are definitely times when your baby is going to catch you by total surprise and have a blowout out of nowhere. Luckily, though, the human body is somewhat predictable.

Pexels // Zameer Teji

Since preparation is so key, it’s a good idea to pay attention to any patterns you might notice so you can be ready. While it won’t account for all of them, you might notice that some diaper changes after meals are more regular.

Care for Sensitive Skin

All babies have sensitive skin to a degree in the sense that it’s all new — there are no calluses or built-up desensitivity at this point in their lives.


However, some babies need a little extra care to make sure that the products you’re using aren’t going to irritate their skin. Luckily, you can still turn to Pampers for sensitive skin diapers and wipes, which will help keep your baby comfortable throughout the day.

A Little Diaper Break

When it comes to diaper rash and irritation from diapers, one thing that can really lead up to this is the fact that they are wearing diapers all the time.

Pexels // Nataliya Vaitkevich

While it’s practical and handy, imagine being in a diaper 24/7 — it might start to get a little uncomfortable. Giving your baby a few minutes here and there to enjoy a moment without their diaper can help them a lot. Just make sure you keep a close eye on them to avoid a big mess.

Add a Spatula to the Diaper Bag

Stick with us on this one because we know that something like a baking spatula isn’t usually something that you think of as a baby supply.

Pexels // Kiera Burton | Reddit // u/primal_horde

The hack that some parents recommend here is to keep a spatula like this on hand for diaper cream applications. After all, it’s something that’s easy to disinfect, so you know you’re applying just clean cream to your baby since we tend to pick up a lot of germs with our hands — especially during a diaper change.

Try a Pre-Nap Diaper

We already talked about giving your baby a minute to wake up before you change their diaper. You might want to change their diaper before their nap, too.

Pexels // Bulat Khamitov

The idea that parents shared with this hack was that it might help save you from a mid-nap wake-up from a dirty diaper. Of course, it’s not always possible – sometimes babies just fall asleep! – but when you can, try and see if this routine makes naptime a little more peaceful.

Take Advantage of Return Policies

Odds are that as your baby grows, you might have some diapers that you never used that are just sitting in a closet.

Pexels // Ksenia Chernaya

If the box is unopened, a lot of places will allow you to return them and exchange them for the size that you need. This way, you don’t lose out as your baby grows. If you don’t feel the need to take advantage of this, unopened boxes of diapers are really handy donations as well.

Fix a Damaged Diaper

Pampers come ready with straps on the sides so you can secure your baby’s diaper in place at the end of a diaper change.

Pexels // Karolina Grabowska

If you grab a diaper and notice that you’ve accidentally ripped this strap, you don’t have to just toss it. You can make a quick fix of your own with a bandage, believe it or not. Just take a Band-Aid and stick it over the tear to secure the diaper.

Sometimes, It’s Better to Go Cheap

There are a lot of really, really cute baby clothes out there. We aren’t telling you that you shouldn’t indulge in a few outfits for special occasions either.

Pexels // Sener Baydar | Pexels // Maria Lindsey Content Creator

On the other hand, when you’re doing things like getting ready for bed, you might want to opt for a cheap, easily replaced onesie. That way, if you have to deal with a particularly bad blowout in the night, it’s not too much of a sadness if the outfit is just too far gone to be saved.

40+ Clever Times People Hacked Ikea Furniture and Made it Their Own

Clever Ikea Furniture Hacks

When you think of quality budget-friendly furniture, one name that comes to mind is probably the Swedish furniture company, IKEA. The good thing about products from this iconic brand is that you can use your own imagination to create new and wondrous pieces for your home. So, if you are looking for some of the most clever hacks using IKEA furniture, you may want to keep reading!

Stylish Accents

IKEA furniture comes in simple colors and designs. This may work for a modern or contemporary design, but if you want a little extra something, then you’ll have to use your creativity and crafting skills to make it work for you.

Stylish Accents

Like this person who used an IKEA Kallax piece and turned it on its head, so to speak. By mounting some legs to it and giving it a good paint job — as well as some detail — this shelving unit quickly went from simple to a really sweet art deco piece.

Window Seat

Having a nice place to sit by the window and read a good book is a beautiful thing. When you have a large window that doesn’t come with a window seat built-in, though, you may think you have to settle for boring.

Window Seat

Good news — you don’t! You can take the Ikea Kallax, and create a gorgeous and functional piece out of it. With just a few accessories and cushions, you can transform what used to be a simple shelving unit into a cozy place to sit. Now, there’s no reason not to take in the beauty of nature through the windows of your home.

Antiqued Drawers

Sometimes it’s the accents in a room that really shine, especially if they are antiques — or look that way, at least. This particular hack can add a little something extra to your space. All you have to do is buy the Ikea Card File Drawers.

Antiqued Drawers

Then, paint them the way you want and throw on some label holders that match the paint job. It may take a bit of work but you can end up with something like this…

Chic Storage

Creating something that’s truly your own sometimes means getting that saw out and making some pretty drastic changes to the piece of furniture that you purchased. That’s what this individual did when creating this gorgeous and one-of-a-kind cabinet.

Chic Storage

Taking an Ivar Cupboard, they cut some curves out of the doors and then inserted some rattan mesh. This combination has resulted in what we think is a pretty awesome cabinet. Though this hack takes a little more effort than others on this list, it may be well worth it.

New Bed

Is your style a little more rustic and country? Don’t worry, you can change your IKEA bed from a simple, modern style to a chic country bed in no time. It’s simpler than you think — a little paint and some wooden planks are all that you need.

New Bed

This person attached some wooden planks to the frame of the IKEA Malm Bed, and then gave the whole frame a quick paint job. When all was said and done, they ended up with this super cute creation.

Fun Dresser

If you want to liven your living space up with a little color and also add some storage space to keep things organized, then this next hack is a great option for you to consider. All you will need is a dresser from IKEA and either some painting skills or at the very least, fun contact paper.

Fun Dresser

Add some legs to the dresser, and then choose the image you want to place on that dresser. Once you have painted or stuck the image to your dresser, you can add a fun handle to round out the look of the dresser.

Cat Tree

Many people think cats are sort of lazy pets, but that is far from the truth. They love to play and climb, which means having a nice kitty tree is always a good addition to any cat lover’s household. This person got a little creative.

Cat Tree

In an effort to make the tree more challenging and not take up space in their house, they used the IKEA Frosta Stools and attached them to the wall. Utilizing multiple, they were able to create this cool network.

Fantasy Bed

Many little girls love fairytales, and because of this, they also love to decorate their rooms with princesses and castles. With that knowledge, these parents took that concept to all-new levels.

Fantasy Bed

Little boys have their race car and superhero beds, and this little girl has a castle bed. Her parents took the IKEA Kura Bed and added some creativity to it in order to create this beautiful fairytale castle bed.

Unique Cubby

So, you want a place to store all the stuff that sits in your pocket. Things like your wallet, cell phone, and keys. Sure, you can just throw them on the table or bed stand, but that’s just so boring. Instead, why not use your ingenuity and create a unique little cubby.

Unique Cubby

That’s what this person did. They took the Hack Magazine Holder and mounted it to the wall. Then voilà — you have an instant cubby for all your stuff.

Kitty Bunk Bed

If you have a pet, then you probably have invested in many pet beds. They all tend to be the same, though — a big round cushiony circle that isn’t really that cute to look at. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With a little inventiveness and work, you might end up with a bed like this.

Kitty Bunk Bed

This cat owner wanted to give her furry friend a place in which he had room to have a friend over. So, the owner took two Duktig Doll Beds and bolted them together to make this kitty bunk bed.

New Dresser

Sometimes you want to make a piece your own, and that’s okay. Maybe the color scheme doesn’t fit the room’s pallet, or the style doesn’t fit your vibe. If that’s the case and you have a Hemnes Dresser, you may want to take a look at this hack.

New Dresser

The individual sanded down the dresser and then repainted it to match their needs. With a switch out of the drawer handles, the dresser looks brand new, not to mention super stylish.

Collectible Shelves

When you have cool collectibles, you want to show them off. There are many collectible cabinets to choose from, but you may have to craft it yourself if you want something unique and fun.

Collectible Shelves

Maybe you’ll do what this individual did and use IKEA’s Ribba Frame and Lustigt Shelves. How fun and creative is this wall display?! It just took a little time, as well as some glue and paint — and now this person has a masterpiece of collectibles.

Narrow Bureau

When you’re dealing with limited space, sometimes you may feel you have to go with a less stylish option when it comes to your furniture. But, as this narrow entryway bureau shows, that’s just not the case at all.

Narrow Bureau

Taking two Hemnes Shoe Cabinets and combining them together under one stained wood top makes for a beautiful introduction to your home. The process was easy and only took a bit of time to create this stunning piece.

Kitty Station

If you have both a cat and a dog, you may find that one or both never get left alone when they’re eating. The other always has to stick their nose in and test out the food themselves. That’s what was happening in this home until the owner came up with an ingenious solution.

Kitty Station

They took the Kallax and made it work for them — placing a few wicker baskets in the cubbies and using one to store the cat’s treats and food. Not only is this piece of furniture super organized but it’s puppy proof, too.

Zen Table

Looking for a stylish yet affordable piece for your patio? This can be hard to find, but not if you take a walk through IKEA and come up with a solid and creative plan.

Zen Table

Taking a piece from the Lack collection and creating a little nest for some succulents changed the whole vibe of this table. Now, this individual has a very Zen table that adds interest and color to the rest of the space.


Love to read? Are you setting up a new school? If you said yes to either of these questions, then you may want to consider this next hack as an option. Filling bookshelves with books can be very easy for some, and you just may need this much room, but it can be pared down as well to suit your needs.


Take IKEA bookshelves, stain them, and then mount them to the walls. By doing this, you will have something that looks like it was built into the home.

Accessories and Keys

Maybe you’re tired of losing your keys or sunglasses and want to work on a creative hack to solve this problem. This person has already done it for you, and it’s super easy — plus, it looks pretty cute, too.

Accessories and Keys

Taking a set of Bekvam Spice Racks and adding a few magnets to them gave this person these cute little shelves to house their keys and shades. They left the raw wood, but you could also paint them if you wanted to.

Hidden Litter

One of the most annoying things about having a cat is the litter box. There just never seems a good place to put it — ya know, a place where it isn’t really visible and you’re not able to smell it.

Hidden Litter

But, by using this Fritids piece, this person has created a hidden litter box and a bench. Now, not only did they save space but they also got rid of an eyesore. All they had to do was cut a hole in the side of the piece so the kitty is able to get in and out with no issues.

Detailed Shelving

Not spending a lot of money on furniture is nice, but that usually lends itself to run-of-the-mill, ordinary pieces. If you have access to a few other tools, though, you can make even the dullest piece exciting.

Detailed Shelving

That’s what this person did by using paint and a CNC cutter to etch designs into the wood. Now, it totally goes with their style.

Treehouse Bed

Here is yet another inventive way to transform the Ikea Kura Bed. What kid doesn’t like treehouses? This person chose to make one in the safety and comfort of their child’s bedroom. And we have to admit that it turned out pretty cool.

Treehouse Bed

They connected the Kura bed to the Trofast steps, added some paint and a few wooden planks — and out came this masterpiece. What was once just a simple bed is now a hangout spot that all the kids want to be a part of.

Marble Table

Want to transform that coffee table from modern to classic and do it easily? Then, this next hack may be a great option for you. All you need is some marble contact paper, gold paint, and a Vittsjö Coffee Table.

Marble Table

Take the gold paint and spray the frame of the table. Let dry. Then add the marble contact paper to the glass, and you have a classic looking coffee table that will be a great accent to any room.

Organized Laundry Room

Keeping your laundry room nice and organized will help make this often frowned upon chore easier and less time-consuming. To do this, you may want to add some counter space for folding and a set of cabinets to store everything you need.

Organized Laundry Room

This person has made their laundry room look really modern and clean. They used a Karlby Countertop and a Voxtorp Cupboard system. Looks really good, right?!

Outside Cat Area

Cats still have the instinct of their long distant wild relatives, and therefore they love to go outside and play. But often, we try to keep them inside. There’s a way to have the best of both worlds. Just take a look at this hack.

Outside Cat Area

This person wanted to give their cat the ability to get a little fresh air, so they used two Hejne Shelves and some mesh wire to craft this walking space for their four-legged friend.

New Cabinet

Creating a look, vibe, and style in your personal space can help you feel more at home. But, sometimes we don’t think that we can get the exact look we’re envisioning when we have to go with prefab furniture.

New Cabinet

Luckily, this isn’t necessarily the case, as you can see with this stunning cabinet. Using the Moppe Cabinet, this person created a stunning piece that no one would guess started out from IKEA.

Drink Station

Having a place in your home where you have a drink station is always a nice and welcoming feature of any home. So, this person figured out a hack that would allow them to look like they spent more money than they actually had.

Drink Station

By taking the Vittsjö table and adding a wood top and bottom to it, this individual instantly created a drink station with all the works. You can even mount some pegs to the underside of the table in order to hang some glasses.


Having enough light when you’re working from home is crucial. It’ll not only help with productivity but also with mood. So, why not set up your work station under the window. Like with anything else, you can go for a simple look, but why not make it a little unique?


Combine a Karlby Countertop with a drawer system and attach some legs to create a nice, spacious workstation for you and significant other or roommate.

Modern Sideboard

You always want the furniture in your home to say something about you. You also want it to match the interior style you have created in your home. So, prefab furniture is not always a good fit for either of these two things.

Modern Sideboard

But, if you take a little time as this person did, you’ll be able to hack the furniture you do have and make it work. This creative genius took one of the IKEA sideboards and added a little character to it. In the end, they wound up with a mid-century modern piece that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Baby Changing Table

When you’re preparing to bring a little one into the world, there’s quite a lot of prep work to do. One of the biggest is setting up the nursery. Of all the things in that nursery, having a good changing table may be the most important.

Baby Changing Table

But, not all of them will work with your vision, so why not create one of your own? By taking two pieces of IKEA furniture and merging them together, this parent-to-be created a super functional and efficient changing table.

Music Station

Having a place to store and play music in your home is important for a lot of individuals. After all, music can help you relax, be more productive, and boost your mood. So, why not make it a centerpiece in your home?

Music Station

This music connoisseur clearly feels that way as they took a simple piece of IKEA furniture and added some legs — as well as a wooden top — to create their very own music station.

Personal Care Organization

The bathrooms in many homes are small and don’t have nearly enough space to house all the products that many of us use on a daily basis. Utilizing the space you have is important in this case. This is when being crafty comes in handy.

Personal Care Organization

By taking IKEA Spice Racks and mounting them to the bathroom door, this person has done an awesome job using what they have. Plus, now everything looks tidy as well as organized.

Coat Closet

Maybe your closet isn’t big enough, or you have to share it with someone who seems to take up all the space. If this is the case, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing, so you can design your very own wardrobe.

Coat Closet

This person has used two Besta TV Cabinets to create an area for their clothes. The addition of the hang bar — in which people can hang their sweaters, jackets, and coats — in the center is a nice touch, too.

Bench Space

Maybe you want to create a workspace and get a bunch of extra seating space, too? Using this hack, you’ll be able to do just that. All it takes is a few pieces of IKEA furniture and a drill.

Bench Space

Using a wooden countertop and a few shelving systems from IKEA, you can create this bar and bench space with little to no work. Accentuate it with fun touches, and it will be a truly unique space in your home.

Bench Pillows

Your IKEA hacks don’t only have to involve furniture. In fact, you can use some of the accessories to create some pretty cute and nice-looking accents for your home — kind of like this person did with these pillows.

Bench Pillows

Using one of the many rugs that IKEA sells and a nice sewing machine, you can truly do wonders. That’s what this gal used to create fringed bench pillows for her home.

Kid’s Kitchen

Kids’ toys are expensive and made of plastic half the time. If you want something that’s a little more environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet, then you might want to consider making your own toys. One of the pretty popular ones is the kitchen set.

Kid’s Kitchen

By taking a wooden step stool from IKEA and some chalk paint, you can create this fun play kitchen for your little one. Add a basket to hold all their kitchen supplies and let them whip you up a delicious imaginary meal.

Display Shelves

Finding inventive ways to display photos and other pieces of art can be challenging. You don’t always want to mount them on the wall, especially if you’re looking to create a more modern vibe for your space.

Display Shelves

But, by using the IKEA Magasinhylla in the way this person did, you’ll be able to attain that unique and one-of-a-kind look you’re looking for. And that makes this a great hack.

Detailed Ceiling Lamp

Okay, IKEA furniture is fun to hack but so are their accessories. Things like lamps and so forth can make a big impact on the overall look of a room. So, why not upcycle that simple lampshade to fit your personality?

Detailed Ceiling Lamp

Maybe you don’t want to use a map like this person did but adding an interior image can be just the extra touch of something special to tie your room or house altogether.

Bedside Table

Maybe you want to keep a clean and clutter-free bedroom but still want a bedside table. Of course, there are a couple of options, but this fun hack could be a great option. Not only does it give you a tabletop but a little cubby to store the current book you are reading.

Bedside Table

Taking two small shelves and mounting them on top of each other with the tips facing each other is what makes up this ingenious hack.

Compact Island

Living in a small apartment but still want to have one of those fancy little kitchen islands? They can help your kitchen look way more interesting and can add counter space as well as storage space. So, why not use IKEA furniture to build yourself one?

Compact Island

By taking one of these shelving systems and adding a wooden countertop — plus, a couple of doors — you can end up with an inexpensive yet stylish island such as this one.

Extra Cabinet

No matter what, we can all use extra storage space. It’s just a bonus when it can look as good as this cabinet. But, getting a piece that looks like this is not as hard as you might think — it takes a little craftiness, patience, and time.

Extra Cabinet

Combine an Ivar Cabinet with an Applaro Wall Panel, before adding some shelves. After that, you can stain the cabinet or use paint to create the look you want for your new (and improved) piece.

Office Nook

Many of us are working from home nowadays, and that means we need a nice work area. But, if you’re dealing with a small space, you may have to utilize that nook. That’s okay, though, because if you can use a few pieces from IKEA to do just that.

Office Nook

You can take two Helmer and Alex Filing Systems and top it with a wood tabletop. When it’s all put together, you have yourself a nice and efficient workspace.

Open Shelves

Making unique shelving systems that can be mounted to your wall is a nice accent to any room. Still, they can also be boring oftentimes. With that, if you’re looking for a fun hack, tray using some IKEA lid dividers and a few wood planks to create this shelving system.

Open Shelves

Mount the lid divider to the wall, take a few thin wooden planks (painted or not), and place them at the intervals you wish.

Breakfast Nook

Once again, using your space is crucial, especially when dealing with a small space. This person has taken that into consideration and crafted this cute little breakfast nook. What a great place to have your morning coffee, or just sit with a friend and yap the day away.

Breakfast Nook

This person took a few Lack tables and added cushions — as well as pillows — to transform them into a cozy bench. Then, they threw in another table to round out the whole nook.

Stylish Coffee Table

Coffee tables — and tables, in general — don’t always have to be boring or dull. You can, like this person, take something that fits your style and make a masterpiece out of it with a bit of work and patience. And who knows; it may become a conversation starter.

Stylish Coffee Table

All this person did was take the Alesda Stool and add some legs to it in order to raise it off the floor a few inches. What came of that idea was this fun boho-styled coffee table.

One of a Kind Lamp

Sometimes it’s not the furniture itself that needs a little hack but instead, the furnishing on or around that piece. Take, for instance, this amazing terrarium lamp. If it wasn’t there, this table would look very bland.

One of a Kind Lamp

So, this person decided to grab an IKEA lamp and paint it. Then, they add some plant life inside to give it a unique look. You could try this same hack but with a seascape theme or perhaps, a desert. Whatever you think will work with your motif.

Headboard Storage

Always looking for more space? Well, why not add some storage to your headboard? This might even alleviate the need for a bed stand if you want a cleaner aesthetic in your bedroom.

Headboard Storage

By taking a Malm headboard and mounting it against the wall, you can get a nice little cubby where you can store things out of sight.