Break a Sweat Like Sebastian Stan With His Winter Soldier Workout Routine

Being superhero-fit is not easy. Just look at actor Sebastian Stan, who has been under a stringent workout regime for over the past eight years, all to stay in shape for his popular MCU character Bucky, aka the winter soldier. You can also achieve strength and endurance like the actor by following his workout routine.

Half-Kneeling One-Arm Kettlebell Press

First, hold a kettlebell bottoms up, i.e. hand on the handle and bells towards the ceiling. Then kneel down on one knee. Make sure to hold the kettlebell in the hand opposite your front knee. Now press the weight straight up over your head and start rotating your hand slowly. Keep the torso straight and perfectly aligned. The lower back of your body shouldn’t be arched. Now, slowly, lower the weight. Complete 5×8 reps for each side while taking 1 minute of rest between two sets.

Dumbell Side Raises

Stand straight and keep your feet apart at shoulder width. Hold dumbbells on both sides, keeping the palms facing in. Now hinge forward slightly bending your knees, and raise the weights out at 90 degrees to both sides simultaneously. Don’t swing the arms or bend the elbows for even one moment. The entire motion should be steady and controlled. Raise until the arms are parallel to the floor and then pause briefly. Slowly return to the start position. Complete 10 reps of this workout with 20 seconds of rest between each.

One Arm Suitcase Carry

The movement and posture of this workout are easy and straightforward. Just like the name suggests, hold a heavy kettlebell in one hand like holding a suitcase, keeping the arms down by the sides. Now engage your core and walk down 25 yards straight and back. Maintain a straight spine and keep your shoulders square throughout. After returning to the starting position, switch sides. Complete 4×5 yards on each side, while taking 30-60 seconds of rest in between.