The Rock Gave Details On All the Big Injuries He’s Had Over The Years

The Rock has proven himself to be both a true WWE legend and an action movie star, and it is no surprise that over the years he would have sustained some injuries. Still, when Johnson recently shared a list of the big injuries and major surgeries he had suffered over the years, many were surprised by its length.

The Rock Also Shared a Picture of Himself During One of His Healing Sessions

Dwayne The Rock Johnson During One of His Healing Sessions
The Rock Gave Details On All the Big Injuries He’s Had Over The Years

In his Instagram post, The Rock compared himself to a passed-out, wounded, and drunk buffalo that was laying face down in prairies. In the photo, he is actually face down with an apparatus attached to his body. Apparently, its pins and clips are hooked onto Johnson for some kind of a healing session. Below the photo, Johnson listed the major injuries and surgeries he had been through over the years.

To some, it is more than a coincidence that The Rock plays the character of Spencer Strasmore on HBO’s Ballers. The recurring storyline of the character also involves suffering through considerable injuries, so Johnson would have known what it feels like to be in such pain. Still, Johnson endures in the world of show business and reduces his pain levels with therapies such as the one seen in the photo he shared.

The Rock Is One of the Most Physically-Committed Actors in Show Business

Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg in the movie “Pain & Gain”
The Rock Gave Details On All the Big Injuries He’s Had Over The Years

In movies like Hobbs and Shaw, Skyscraper, or the upcoming Red Notice, The Rock plays action roles that require physical dedication. Even though Dwayne Johnson relies on his stunt doubles for most of his scenes, he is keeping himself firm and fit at all times. In the world of action movies, Johnson is among the most glamorous stars, right there with superstars like Tom Cruise. Still, the reality is that the hard work such actors do often leads to some injuries. Johnson shared his share of injuries and major surgeries, and this offered his fans a view at the other side of the scene of action movies.