5 Signs to Know If You Have High-Functioning Anxiety

Have you been feeling on the edge lately? Are you scared to meet the people you used to on an everyday basis? Do you spend your days tucked in your bed? If you answered yes to these questions, then there is a possibility that your body wants you to look out. Anxiety can be daunting and can take a bigger form before you know it. One of the many types of anxiety is high-functioning anxiety. This is when you go ahead with your everyday life while feeling anxious all the time. Here are five signs to look out for that can help you identify if you are irked with high-functioning anxiety.

Neglecting Your Personal Life

A New York-based psychologist, Marty Cooper, Ph. D has seen many cases when people with high-functioning anxiety are hitting all the right spots in their professional world, but have no clue about their personal relations. This disorder can make your mind focus on only what is before you and therefore can lead you to neglect everything intangible such as hobbies, relationships, and more.

Your Body Tries to Communicate

It is your body that signals you to start looking after yourself a little more. It is important to communicate with your body before anxiety takes the shape of depression, burnout, or major diseases. The next time you notice irritability, fatigue, on the edge, tensed muscles, or are unable to sleep peacefully at night, you might want to seek help.

If Coping Mechanisms Become Life

Whenever someone feels anxious, they try to put all that energy into something that soothes their soul. Some paint, others work out, while some would just prefer to take a walk in the park. Balancing it out with your work, relationships, and other activities is important.

Feeling Lonely in a Crowd

You might call many people your friends, but if you feel lonely from within, it might be a huge sign of high-functioning anxiety. According to Marty Cooper, Ph. D. people with anxiety don’t feel fulfilled even after doing many things. One feels this unfulfilling emotion when their anxiety makes them prioritize one thing way more than others.

You’re Anxious About Everything

GAD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, differentiates high-functioning anxiety from other anxiety-related conditions. GAD is when someone does not feel anxiety under one particular, stressful situation. Instead, the person feels anxious and restless for months or a year no matter what the situation around them is. If no specific event or circumstance triggers your anxiety, then you have GAD.