3 Options for a Beard Kit That Will Deliver Top-Tier Scruff

The best beard kit for guys might well be the answer to all their beard woes. Dryness? Frizz? Do you have the dreaded patchiness? The correct beard care kit may act as a grooming all-in-one solution, allowing you to take care of all your facial hair needs in one go.

Two guys with trimmed beards and mustaches

The finest of the bunch is jam-packed with grooming tools you’ll really use, like beard scissors for quick style and beard oil for long-lasting hydration and itch relief. Are you looking for a beard balm? Is there a beard shampoo? Conditioner for the beard? Check, double-check, and triple-check. Don’t stop there, though. A specialty beard wash, as well as a correct beard comb and beard brush, are included in most good sets. (A well-chosen grooming set also makes a terrific gift for any man who is particularly difficult to please.)

So, say goodbye to the days when you had to stitch together a beard care arsenal piece by piece. Your face is deserving of the utmost care, and the perfect choice for a beard kit for men will do just that

#1. The Best Budget Beard Kit

The Best Budget Beard Kit

A beard wash washes and nourishes your whiskers, while a beard lube doubles as a pre-shave treatment and aftershave cream, a beard oil prevents dry skin, and a beard comb keeps your whiskers looking spick and span—all for half the price of its competitors.

#2. The Best Barbershop-Ready Beard Kit

The Best Barbershop-Ready Beard Kit

The Art of Shaving’s entire mission is to ensure that your facial hair receives the care it needs, thus its beard kit takes your scruff’s every issue seriously. The brand’s complete grooming package includes best-in-class substances that your barber would approve of, leaving your beard totally re-energized after each use.

#3. The All-Around Best Beard Kit

The All-Around Best Beard Kit

The beard kit from Gillette’s freshly announced spin-off line is no exception. An argan oil-infused beard wash, a nourishing beard balm, a moisturizing beard oil, and a specially-designed safety razor are all included in the brand’s box of goodies.