Every Dad Should Teach His Son These Vital Grooming Tips

Dads everywhere look forward to the day they can pass down the knowledge they’ve acquired about the world to their sons. Things like tying a knot or changing the oil of a car are important, but just as crucial is the skill dads could teach their sons when it comes to personal grooming. Whether it is how to avoid razor burns during shaving or how much cologne to use, most young men will need such guidance.

Dad and two sons shaving

Knowing How to Shave Is Crucial for Every Man

Shaving starts with a hot shower that opens pores and softens the hair. This makes it easier to cut and helps for a smoother shave. Using a sharp razor and a good shaving cream is also important. Shaving is done on moist skin and in the direction of the facial hair growth. The rinsing should be done with warm water first and then with cool water that will close the pores of the skin.

Growing a Beard Also Requires Grooming Skills

Dad and son talking about grooming

Because most dads have a beard, their sons also get into experimenting with their facial hair. With beards being tough to maintain, dads should teach their sons a few grooming skills. Every man should have a good mustache and beard trimming set, and those with a fuller beard should also get a beard comb. There are many beard styles and lengths one can consider, and both dads and sons should feel free to experiment.

Young Men Should Be Tough About Hair Care Too

The haircut style can be anyone the person likes, but once chosen, it should be kept for a while. Dads can teach their sons how to cut the back, sides, and the top, but the style choice should be left to the young boy. After all, teenagers are especially sensitive when it comes to their appearance. Also, dads can help their sons pick the styling products that work best for them and should teach the most important lesson about grooming their hair – regular washing is a must.