A Dad and His Daughter Ride High-Wheel Bikes Cross-Country

For some, simply mounting a high-wheel bike can be tough to do, let alone riding one across a state or even the country. However, for one dad and his adult-aged daughter, it seems rather simple since they’ve done it three times now.

Randy Oleynik and his daughter next to their bikes
A Dad and His Daughter Ride High-Wheel Bikes Cross-Country

Dad and Daughter Duo Ride Bikes Cross-Country

Randy Oleynik, who is 61 years old, and his adult-aged daughter rode antique high-wheel bikes three times now across states and country-wide. Their most recent journey started on October 9th as they rode from Carleton, Michigan to the Florida Keys as they were searching for better weather.

As they arrived in Key West, they posed for a photo op by listing their 132-year-old high-wheel bikes in the air. Just four years ago, the dad and daughter duo made headlines for the first time as they rode from San Francisco to Boston on those same high-wheeled bikes.

Never Too Old to Ride a Bike

After Randy, who works as a pharmacist, and his daughter rode their bikes from California to Massachusetts, the two decided that they should do a north-to-south ride to complete the “holy grail” when it comes to high-wheel biking across the country.

Randy Oleynik and his daughter riding their bikes in town
A Dad and His Daughter Ride High-Wheel Bikes Cross-Country

Randy mentioned that when people see them riding by on their bikes, they smile, which is always a great reaction. Some people will even wave, yell, beep their horns, swerve, and also stop their cars in the middle of the road.

In 2016, reports stated that Randy and his daughter rode a pair of Columbia Light Roadsters with 54- and 51-inch wheels. They were produced in 1888 and 1886. The same antique bicycles were on display for 90 years in a family-owned shoe store that was located in Monroe Michigan before the dad and daughter duo decided to take them for a test drive.

Most high-wheel bikes that are found today were once manufactured by the Pope Manufacturing Company. This company owned the Columbia brand, and they were the largest bike manufacturers in the world at one time. They even produced motorcycles, as well as electric cars.

Randy’s daughter told reporters that they shouldn’t let the awkwardness stop them and that it’s never too late to learn how to ride a bike.