A Must-Read Guide on Marathon Training for Normal People

Any hardcore marathon runner will has least a hundred must-follow tips on how to make it big in the world of running. While sports companies will try and convince you that running is rocket science and you should be careful in choosing your running gear, this blog isn’t about any of that. If you’re just a normal person curious to give marathons a chance, you need to start with the basics.

It’s All About Consistency

Once you have a training program in place (based on your goals and daily commitments), you’ll have to stick to it. If you have to miss a workout, don’t beat yourself up over it. The trick is not to miss a couple in a row because it will get you off track, and you might find yourself demotivated by your lack of improvement.

Find a Marathon Partner to Train With

Grab a friend, run with a colleague, or join a team. Having someone you can train with makes all the difference, and can really make long miles go by, like a breeze. Ask around for experienced runners and join their tempo runs. It’s a great opportunity to get tips and sound advice from someone who isn’t trying to sell you shoes or sports gear.

The Long Run

Marathon training began with long runs, and those are still its beating heart. While it is not all about long and slow tempo running, the queen of marathons will always be the long and often challenging run. These runs start from 8-12 miles for beginners and expand to 20 miles once you gain experience. In the initial stages of your training, you should focus less on mileage and more on the duration of your runs. On the days of your long runs, try to stick to a three-hour session to prepare your body for marathon running. If you’re training through the brutal heat of summer, be sure to stay hydrated, even if you don’t feel like drinking water. Well, all that’s left now is for you to put on your shoes, warm up, and get to it. You got this!