Bryson DeChambeau’s “Brooksy” Controversy Takes Unexpected Turn

The PGA Tour found itself in an unusual position after fans have been calling Bryson DeChambeau by another player’s name. And now, Jay Monahan, the Tour’s commissioner has decided to make it stop.

Bryson DeChambeau posing with his 2020 U.S. Open trophy.

The heckling was initiated by fans of Brooks Koepka who decided to call DeChambeau “Brooksy” because of the ongoing beef between the two golfers. The taunting has been going on all summer, starting at the Memorial, continuing through the U.S. Open, and reaching its boiling point during this past weekend with an intense post-round exchange between a Brooksy-chanting fan and Bryson DeChambeau.

DeChambeau's rival Brooks Koepka wearing a Nike AeroBill Classic99 Printed Golf Hat during the 2019 U.S Open.
Jay Monahan Won’t Tolerate “Brooksy” Chants

The PGA Tour commissioner decided to confront the issue during a meeting with the media. Monahan announced that fan behavior and interaction with athletes shouldn’t cross the line and that when that happens, the problem should be addressed by both journalists and the sport’s governing body. He also theorized that the lockdown has left many golf enthusiasts frustrated, which is why some supporters have brought extra, but unwelcomed, energy to the tournaments. Monahan continued his statement by saying that their sport has the best fans in the world and that the issue is due to just a few bad actors.

PGA Tour commissioner, Jay Monahan during a press conference with the media.
Bryson DeChambeau Has Been Dealing With Hecklers Daily

The truth, however, is that it’s a lot more than a few ill-behaved supporters. The “Brooksy” chants fill DeChambeau’s every walk from green to tee and vice versa. Given the monotonous nature of the PGA Tour, the negative effect of the yells piles up over time and leads to unwanted escalation.

Monahan concluded his meeting with the media by saying that all Brooksy-yellers will be kicked out of the event, even if their cries aren’t traditionally offensive. He stated that the fan code of conduct is relatively easy to enforce.

Only time will tell if the commissioner’s intervention will offer Bryson DeChambeau the tranquility he needs to play golf at the highest possible level.