The Philosophy and Science Behind the Hottest Sports Drinks

Young man drinking a sports drink
The Philosophy and Science Behind the Hottest Sports Drinks

Are you a top athlete? If so, the thing that usually tanks a race is either what’s going on in your gut or what’s going on in your head. When Tobias Christensson found a way to help with the first part, he ignited a true fueling revolution. He is the head of nutrition at a famous company that brought a new kind of sports-drink and gel to the market in 2017 – and to Eliud Kipchoge’s 2017 Breaking2 event, Desiree Linden’s 2018 Boston Marathon win, and inevitably the bottle cages and pockets of elite end everyday athletes everywhere.

Sports Drinks and Foods

Athletes need to replenish carbs as they burn them. However, when their bodies divert resources to working muscles, some of them find that drinks and foods don’t empty from their stomachs, leaving them without any energy and bloated by the end of a race. Christenson discovered a great way to capsulize the carb molecules with a special hydrogel technology. This allows the carbs to move through the stomach and to the intestines, in which they can be easily absorbed and help sustain their performance. This also helps endurance athletes fuel more aggressively and take in more calories, which may let them race more intensely, too.

A sports drink
The Philosophy and Science Behind the Hottest Sports Drinks

These products will not turn non-professional athletes into Kipchoge. They might keep them from getting slower as they go. Christensson says that consistent and progressive training makes the athlete go quicker and that carbs support the full potential an athlete has on this day.

Other tips for better fueling that can help support the full potential during race day are to teach one’s gut a few things. Christensson also shares that the gut can and should be trained. Athletes should practice consuming as many calories during training sessions as they plan to take in during the same amount of time racing.

Slower Drinking

Even the professionals carry their water bottles for a minute or two before they release them. This is why individuals who are so interested in sports should give their bodies time to absorb what it needs rather than aggressively gulping fluids down.

Drink Carbs After Workout Sessions

To replace the carbs athletes lost and get their bodies ready for another workout session quickly, perhaps they should work out during nights and have another session in the morning. This way, they can either eat a lot when they finish the workout and feel uncomfortably full or they can start replenishing their carb tanks by having sports drinks that get their carbs into their bodies rapidly without the overstuffed feeling.