A Guide for Dads Who Return to Work After Paternity Leave

It’s useful for every dad to do something in advance of that “return to work” date in order to make a seamless transition. For starters, it might be worth rehearsing your new routine when you go back to work as a new dad. For the rest of this guide, read on!

A Guide for a Better Start

Do you need more time in the mornings, perhaps for feeding your baby before you leave or just for a bit of extra play and cuddle time?

If you’re responsible for a night feed, the wise thing is to do the same time each night for a week or two. This way, you can establish a routine that works best for you, and your body can adapt and let you know what help it might need – like an earlier bedtime.

Remember that when you are back at work, there will be no daytime naps when your kid sleeps. This is why you should adjust your own bedtime for better productivity at your place of work.

Before you return to work, spend some of your time preparing evening meals that can be stored in the freezer. When your partner is staying at home with the baby, a ready-cooked meal can feel like a true lifesaver in difficult days when bosses’ and babies’ demands refuse to align.

When you are away from work for an extended period of time, it’s surely worth dropping into the office a week ahead of time. This way, you help yourself to ease any back-to-work anxieties you might feel after you have been away for a long period of time. Also, remember that the first months of fatherhood are always the healthiest times. Check if the clothes you wear at work still fit, and make sure they are always clean, ironed, and ready to go.

Being at Work as A New Dad

Research shows that 1 in 3 dads are actively looking for a job with 37% of them citing more flexibility as the key reason. It’s one way to deal with returning to work after having a baby. No matter the type of sector or business you are in, you should keep in mind that your career may be on cruise control until your kid is a little older. Moving to a less demanding job so you can spend more time with your family is always a worthwhile option to consider, and one that might really pay off in the span of a lifetime.