This Workout Will Help You Get the Body of the Original Hercules Hero

Before the bodies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Rock ruled the world and the hearts of body-builders, there was Steve Reeves. The 1950 Mr. Universe winner was one of the biggest box-offices draws of his time, in over 25 countries, starring as heroes Hercules and Aeneas. And it was all thanks to his physique, which is still looked up to and considered one of the best of all times! Thanks to the snooping of the new owner of Reeve’s house, we now have the secret workout adapted by the body builder!

The Discovery

The new residents of Steve Reeves Oakland house unearthed the exercise schedule followed by the bodybuilder, in the house. George Helmer, the founder of the Steve Reeves International Society, immediately jumped onto the project. The workout was scrawled on underlying wood in black pencil underneath the drywall. The 15 exercises are Barbell Cleans, Overhead Press, Barbell Curl, Bench Curl, Bent-Over Row, Bench Press, Squat, Barbell Pullover, Good Morning, Lateral Raise, Upright Row, Front Raise, Dumbbell Bench Press, Barbell Triceps Extension and Sit-ups. Read about some exercises in detail. For successful results, repeat all the exercises in a set of three.

Overhead Press and Barbell Cleans

These are two barbell workouts that you can do. For an overhead press, start by holding the barbell with a grip slightly narrower than your shoulders. With your feet shoulder-width apart, brace your core, and keeping your torso upright, press the barbell overhead until your arms are straight. Pause, then lower the bar back. For barbell cleans, start with holding a barbell in an overhand grip in front of you. Bend so that the bar hangs in front of your knees. Now, explode up. Bring the bar up in a straight line, and come up, flip your wrists so you can catch the bar in front.

Barbell Curl and Bench Curl

For barbell curls, start with holding the bar with an underhand grip. Bend your elbows with the barbell and bring your hands up to your shoulder and then return to the start. Make sure to squeeze your buttocks and flex your abs throughout the exercise to keep from moving your hips. For bench curls, start by sitting on a bench. Keep the dumbbells in your hand, on the side. Brace your core, and curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders. Ensure that you keep your torso upright for the entire exercise. Repeat both the workouts in three sets, 15 reps each.