An Infant Goes Viral on TikTok for Liking Heavy Metal Music

A Texas dad recently went viral on TikTok, the latest social media platform that everyone is using. He didn’t do this alone. His infant daughter is the star of the account “Heavy Metal Baby” as most of the videos are of her enjoying heavy metal music.

Heavy Metal Baby on TikTok

Marcel Desobeau and his daughter Lane, who went viral on TikTok for their love for heavy metal music.
Marcel Desobeau is a firefighter paramedic, a musician, and a dad to his 7-month-old daughter, Lane. He uses the TikTok platform to rock out with his daughter, who is shown using drumsticks as she sits in her high chair.

What started as a video with Slipknot’s All Out Lies, which went viral in less than 24 hours with more than half a million views, ended up becoming something bigger than just a single video.

While on Good Morning America, Marcel’s wife, Liz Desobeau, said that the family is going to continue making videos, not just because they’ve gone viral and the people want more, but because their daughter Lane loves heavy metal music.

Since the age of 13, Marcel has been playing multiple instruments in bands. To this day, Marcel and Lane have drummed for many of dad’s favorite groups including Disturbed, Metallica, Rush, System of a Down, and more. They even have comments on some of their TikTok videos from band members and/or their families.

Virtual Meeting with Travis Barker

Travis Barker surprised Marcel Desobeau, who went viral on TikTok with his daughter.
Marcel Desobeau made it to Drew Berrymore’s daytime talk show where she had a surprise for the dad. Barrymore was just one of the many who fell in love with the daddy-daughter drumming TikTok duo. She surprised the dad with a virtual meet-and-greet with Travis Barker, from Blink-182.

Travis Barker is one of Marcel’s favorite drummers. He’s an inspiration to Marcel and when the surprise was revealed, Marcel was at a loss for words. The surprise put a smile on his face.