The Best Books to Help Dads Prepare for Fatherhood

Expecting a baby is a beautiful time for both parents, who can do little else than highly anticipate their new bundle of joy. When their partner is pregnant, men begin wondering what it means to be a good birthing partner – will they be a good dad? How can they make sure of it?

It’s comforting to know that every father-to-be likely feels like this, and there are many who have shared valuable experience and advice through books they’ve written and published. Here are a few of the most highly recommend.

Father and Son

What to Expect from Books for New Dads

A book about fatherhood can help new and soon-to-be dads understand their role and responsibilities when it comes to providing their new bundle of joy with the care and attention they deserve. Depending on the book, it could offer helpful advice about child development, maintaining synergy with the significant other, and insight into how to recognize and process all the emotions that becoming a father brings.

Our top Choices

There are numerous fatherhood books out there to choose from, and many of them carry a lot of valuable information. However, some guidance is always helpful and the following choices are always a good starting point:

“Pregnancy for Dads-To-Be” – by Adam Carpenter

“Pregnancy for Dads-To-Be” - by Adam Carpenter

This book will help expecting fathers to learn about the baby’s development, before and after birth. It offers tips on how to support the mommy-to-be during pregnancy, and what lifestyle changes to expect once the baby arrives.

John C. Carr – “Becoming a Dad: The First 3 Years”

John C. Carr - “Great Expectations; Becoming a Dad”

This is a great book for those who are feeling especially nervous about becoming a dad. The book offers guidance on how to process and balance those emotions, along with practical guides and milestones.

“Commando Dad” – by Neil Sinclair

“Commando Dad” - by Neil Sinclair

Written by a real-life commando and a father, this book provides straightforward tips for dads who like clear and concise instructions.

There are many other books out there to choose from that vary in writing style and the message they focus on. Dads-to-be can take advantage of the wisdom and experiences shared by the writers as they prepare to venture into fatherhood.