An Effective Home Arm Workout That Involves Minimal Equipment

Having buff and strong arms is something that any guy, or girl, would want. However, with quarantine measures still in place, it’s going to be hard and risky to get into a gym these days to get a good arm workout. However, that doesn’t mean you should be skipping arm-day when it comes to your home workouts.

Man working out, doing push-ups
An Effective Home Arm Workout That Involves Minimal Equipment

Get an At-Home Arm Workout

When most people picture someone fit, they likely picture them having large and buff arms. How do you get your arms looking like that without going to the gym? It might be a slower process by working out at home with minimal equipment. Still, you can maintain your arms this way.

Here are a few arm workouts that you might want to consider doing while you’re at home.

Dumbbell Arm Workout

One-Arm Overhead Press: While holding a dumbbell in one hand at shoulder height, keep your knees soft and your core engaged. Bring the weight up over your head and fully extend your arm before lowering it while controlling your shoulder. Repeat the workout on the other arm.

Shoulder Shrug: Have your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell in each arm at your sides. Shrug your shoulders and hold for a second, then bring back down.

Body Weight Arm Workout

Man doing a plank
An Effective Home Arm Workout That Involves Minimal Equipment

High Plank Knee Drives: Get into a high plank keeping your shoulders over your wrists, and while engaging your core, bring a knee toward your chest. Keep your foot flexed and hold the position for two seconds. Return your knee and repeat the workout with the opposite side.

Triceps Dip: While sitting on the ground, place your hands flat next to your glutes and keep your fingertips pointing towards your heels. Straighten your arms and keep a little bend at the elbows. Slowly start to bend your elbows to lower your body. Do this until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Then, press down and straighten your elbows returning to the starting position.