New Study Shows the Healthiest Way to Make Coffee

The consumption of coffee continues to rise on a global scale. It’s fresh, it’s tasty, and it’s how most people start their day. A team of scientists examined coffee brewing techniques to looked for links between them and risks of heart attacks and even death. What did they discover? A filtered brew is the safest. Here’s why…

Unfiltered Coffee Is Bad, Filtered Is Good

Making filtered coffee, pouring hot water through a coffee filter
New Study Shows the Healthiest Way to Make Coffee

Professor Dag. S. Thelle of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden is the author of the study, which found that there is indeed a strong correlation between how brewing methods and human health. There are lipid-raising substances in unfiltered coffee that are known to increase blood cholesterol, which increases the risk of getting a heart attack and premature death. Using a filter makes these scenarios less likely.

The concentration of lipid-raising substances in a cup of unfiltered coffee is 30 times more than in a cup of filtered coffee. So, by filtering your beverage, you are reducing the amount of harmful substances you consume.

Drinking Coffee Is Not a Dangerous Habit

Holding a yellow cup of coffee with heart-shaped foam on top
New Study Shows the Healthiest Way to Make Coffee

Before you start considering cutting out coffee entirely, think again. The study also showed that compared to no coffee, drinking filtered brew could lead to a 12% reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease in men and 20% lowered risk in women. The study encompasses more than half a million people aged between 20 to 79 over the course of two decades. The lowest mortality was among people who had one to four cups of filtered coffee a day.

Watch Your Cholesterol

Professor Thelle advises people to keep their cholesterol levels in check, and if they are prone to be high, it is best to stay away from an unfiltered brew. There are both manual and automatic options when it comes to filtered coffee, so make sure to choose the one that suits you and your lifestyle best.