The Physical QWERTY Keyboard May Return to the Smartphones

Smartphones are powerful devices that are often used these days for almost everything. You even have the option to use your smartphone on a desktop or through remote access. Despite their growth in innovation over the years, they will forever be limited by the interior hardware and their size. However, you can attach an accessory like a keyboard to them. According to Oppo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, you won’t have to carry these separate accessories with you.

A QWERTY keyboard layout
The Physical QWERTY Keyboard May Return to the Smartphones

Bring the QWERTY Keyboard Back

Oppo has recently filed a new patent for a smartphone that has a physical QWERTY keyboard. The design is similar to the case of the LG Dual-Screen, and not one that is permanently attached.

According to the patent, the design is going to be capacitive instead of tactile, and the layout is more congested.

The keyboard is presumed to be removable so users can attach or remove it as they desire. Contrary to the LG Dual Screen, there is no second screen. The patent doesn’t state how the phone will connect with the keyboard, but keep in mind that with the slim design of the case itself, it could be a Bluetooth-only connection.

Smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard
The Physical QWERTY Keyboard May Return to the Smartphones

Potentially New Smartphone Innovations

Aside from the keyboard, Oppo also applied for a new trademark recently with the EUIPO, European Union Intellectual Property Office. This trademark was for a Reno series smartphone that might be called the Reno Glow.

The Reno Glow smartphone could have a new camera system, along with better voice controls, but this is only speculation. It could also be hinting at a better display due to the “Glow” in the name and have a higher refresh rate panel in terms of the QHD displays along with higher maximum brightness.

Even though it’s only a patent, Oppo is definitely looking into making their phones more appealing to all consumers, not just young buyers.